Let this New M Safe Film Remind You of the Beauty of New and Missed Experiences Outside our Homes

MANILA, Philippines—Global fastfood favorite, McDonald’s brings to screen shared, feel-good moments that parents and their children have missed in the past two years in a recently released M Safe film.

While kids learn to adjust to being outside once again, McDonald’s shows that starting at a place they have always loved—like their favorite McDonald’s branch—is a safe place to visit as they ease back into pre-pandemic routines. 

In the short film, viewers get to see a child practicing some safety procedures at home. These practices are then mirrored in the following scenes when, after two long years, the little girl’s mother brings her back to McDonald’s. The kid is in awe, and we see that everything she’s practiced is put to good use as they enjoy dining safely at McDo. Like most parents, there is no better feeling than seeing children experience firsthand those same feel-good moments they have missed.

Video stills courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines.

“While more Filipinos continue to seek missed and new experiences outside their homes, we encourage families, parents, and kids to experience those same feel-good moments while staying safe at McDonald’s. With our M Safe practices in place, every McDonald’s store is a  safe space where families can enjoy quality time together without worry,” says Kenneth S. Yang, President and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Philippines.

McDonald’s remains committed to safety across all channels with the strict implementation of M Safe practices for all customers and employees at all times. For dine-in, families can have peace of mind as McDonald’s stores are equipped with hand sanitizers, proper ventilation, and a fresh air supply system. Frequent sanitation of customer areas is continuously done while customers continue to wear face masks except when eating.

Video stills courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines.

To ensure a safe dining experience for everyone in-store, 100% of McDonald’s employees nationwide are fully-vaccinated and continue to apply the protocols set in place. Whether dine-in, delivery, or ride-thru—all families are assured that their food is safely prepared by fully-vaccinated employees in a safe environment that follows stringent global food quality standards.

Watch the video here:

Visit McDonald’s website for more information. McDonald’s also encourages customers to send their feedback to msafe@ph.mcd.com.