Lucky Me! Bares Redesigned Look with the Familiar, Filipino-Favorite Flavor

MANILA, Philippines—Remember in 2020 when people, bored out of their wits and having a lot of time in their hands while being stuck at home, started to create and share different takes on Lucky Me! Pancit Canton’s design?

What began with just one user’s idea then snowballed into many different consumers adapting the brand’s elements into other food categories and even other random items. The massive amount of people who shared their creative and quirky redesigns are but a testament to the many passionate fans of the brand.

Recently, the popular Filipino instant noodle brand Lucky Me! has come out with a complete redesign of its famous Pancit Canton, sporting a bright and minimalistic look.

Image courtesy of Lucky Me!

With the redesign that spurred the creativity of several consumers, Lucky Me! picked up on the challenge and surprised fans with a redesign of their own! They recently just came out with a newly designed Lucky Me! Pancit Canton pack, but don’t fret because it still has the same, favorite taste that we all know and love! The new packs are now more remarkable and modern compared to the old look.

Making its mark as one of the Filipino’s staples for an easy snack fix, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton has always been part of our daily lives, especially when we need to prepare something easy or have a sudden pang of cravings, no matter what time of the day. While Lucky Me! Pancit Canton has its fresh, new look, it has kept its noodle format, its same distinct aroma, and addictive taste we keep coming back to.

Image courtesy of Lucky Me!

So on your next grocery stop, make sure to look out for the updated #LuckyMeNewPackSameSarap!

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Now available in your local groceries and sari-sari stores. You can also purchase them online on Shopee and Lazada.