GrabFood Makes the Search for Plant-based Food Options Easier with the Launch of Grab Green

MANILA, Philippines—In a recent announcement, GrabFood Philippines shares making the search for plant-based food options easier for vegans, health buffs, and anyone interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle with the launch of Grab Green—a new food category on the app exclusively featuring restaurants offering an array of plant-based culinary creations.

In its 2022 Food and Grocery Trends Report, Grab revealed that healthy and plant-based alternatives are no longer a niche interest in the Philippines. In fact, two out of five Filipinos have explored plant-based alternatives in the six months leading to the publication of the report. The demand for healthier food items on Grab has also increased by 12 percent from 2019 to 2022, showing a stronger desire among Filipino consumers to adopt healthier diets.

Despite the growing appreciation of Filipinos for healthier food options, Filipino actress, content creator, and meditation teacher Maxene Magalona shared in her recent mini-vlog that it can still be challenging for vegans like her to look for plant-based options given the limited availability. Determined to maintain a healthier mind, body and spirit through her vegan lifestyle, Magalone shares being is grateful for the launch of Grab Green.

She notes, “Thankfully, Grab is making it easier for us vegans to find more plant-based options with their new Grab Green program,” Magalona notes as she shares her favorites from Greens, iVegan restaurant, and La Chinesca.

Through its wide selection of restaurants and food choices, GrabFood ensures it caters to the evolving dietary needs and food cravings of Filipino consumers. Grab Philippines Director for Deliveries Greg Camacho shares, “As we celebrate and support diverse culinary preferences and dietary requirements, GrabFood remains fully dedicated to upholding convenience and inclusivity on the platform with its wide selection of options. Every Filipino deserves a seamless journey to savor their unique cravings and essential dietary choices. With this in mind, we introduce Grab Green – an expression of our commitment to ensuring that no foodie is left without choices. Whether you are a passionate vegan, a health-conscious person, or a curious individual looking for healthier options, Grab is your culinary partner, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite dishes with ease and convenience.”

Key visual courtesy of GrabFood

Until November 9, 2023, foodies can earn stamps for every order they make on Grab Green. After collecting three stamps, users can claim a 25% off voucher for their next Grab Green order! Embrace a world of plant-based goodness with Grab Green, your one-stop destination for delectable plant-based cuisine. Check out Grab Green now on GrabFood!