Catriona Gray Talks about Holistic Beauty and Wellness and Empowering the Filipina

MANILA, Philippines—Staying healthy has never been more important especially during this time of the pandemic. With all of the changes the past two years has brought, new Myra E brand ambassador Catriona Gray talks about the impact of the new normal’s major upheavals at home, work, and social lives.

Women in general especially have had it hard during these times. Challenged to juggle their multiple responsibilities and commitments from their professional, family, and personal lives, and doing it exceptionally, staying healthy while looking their best has become a challenge.

No matter their age or occupation, these problems and concerns have definitely affected all kinds of women. This also holds true for Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, sharing how she may have neglected her health and physical and mental well-being during the pandemic. This made it difficult for her to stay on top of being a brand endorser, beauty queen, and entertainment personality.

However, the Filipino-Australian model did share her secret in managing to juggle all of her responsibilities while staying as the beautiful and captivating person the world knows her as. For the multi-faceted queen, Vitamin E supplement Myra E, has long since provided her the means to keep herself healthy and happy while looking her absolute best, as she continues to be an image model, spokesperson and inspiration to everyone especially during these difficult times. Rightfully so, at the culmination of International Women’s Month, Myra E announced Gray as its newest endorser, as Myra chose a woman who is beautiful in every sense.

Image courtesy of Myra E

“I never really thought I would be able to be the face of [Myra E] because I was just a quiet user back in the background,” Gray said. “It’s really carried me through so many years. So now, to be welcomed into the Myra E family is such a wonderful blessing and I am just so happy to be part of a brand that really empowers the Filipina.”

Made out of pure Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, Myra E is designed to help fight against sickness by strengthening the body’s immune system. Aside from this, it helps protect cells from damage that can be caused by stress, pollution, and other environmental stressors allowing the skin to look healthy and glowing from within.

Being a Myra girl for ten years, Gray opens about the confidence Myra gives her, encouraging Filipinas to aim to be the best versions of themselves. She shared, “I’ve found that just taking my Myra every day has been something that has allowed me to perform on that level no matter if I may lack in other areas, it’s just allowed me to be the best at my work and it’s work that I love.”

With the help of skin expert Dr. Francesca Sumilang Sy-Alvarado, a discussion on the importance of vitamin E and its impact on beauty and, of course, its effect on a person’s immunity took front and center of the virtual gathering.

“If we supplement,” Dra. Sy-Alvarado began. “We are making sure we are getting the right dose of vitamin E and then we can continue reaping the health benefits no matter how stressed we are and even if we are a bit busy and our diet is not as amazingly curated.” The new brand ambassador was also quick to share her experience using Myra E as a beauty and health vitamin. She gave a glowing review and mentioned that Myra E didn’t just help her maintain her skin’s glow, but also made her confident in facing the world since she could always give her best.

Image courtesy of Myra E

“Honestly, I get complimented on my baby face all the time and I feel like I’ve been able to really capture that youthful essence of my features and I really think it’s due to the help of my skin,” she shared. “Even experiencing work days that are sobrang mahaba, walang tulog, or kulang sa rest, I’m really still able to have energy. I am still able to keep my immune system up. In fact, for this whole pandemic, I’ve never once had COVID-19 and I’m hoping to never experience that.”

The guests also talked about how important it is to adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic. For one, taking care of one’s mental and physical health has become of utmost importance. From dealing with the pandemic while still showing up every day, it is important that women feel at their best. With the beauty and immunity benefits that Myra Vitamin E brings, women are able to face the universe every day feeling confident about their skin and health.

“Really protecting our health is at an all time high because of this pandemic. But also, our confidence not only comes from feeling that we are capable of doing the work in front of us or to go about our day, but also confidence also comes from how we feel about ourselves. Are we beautiful? Do we feel admirable? And I feel like Myra encapsulates both those things so it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of,” Gray said.

As she continues to be an inspiration for all with her work and advocacies. Gray has shared that she strives to place more importance on her health in order to fuel both her career and family. As the face of Myra E today, she has shown that with proper care alongside helpful supplements that help fill in the gaps of daily nutrient intakes like Myra E, women can achieve greater heights while staying and looking their best. With health and beauty benefits abound, it’s easy to see why Myra E is Catriona Gray’s choice and why the brand, in turn, handpicked the multi-hyphenate beauty as its new face.

With text by Matthew Cruz