Garnier Philippines Takes #OneGreenStep for the Planet with Lazada and CORA

MANILA, Philippines — Pushing forward with its commitment to the L’Oréal Group’s sustainability ambitions and continue its strides towards Green Beauty for All, Garnier launches #OneGreenStep—a movement that aims to not just inspire but enable Filipinos to start their sustainability journey. 

Many Filipinos hope to live sustainably but many find it intimidating, difficult, and even expensive to do so. With #ONEGREENSTEP, Garnier hopes to break this barrier and truly make it easy and accessible for everyone to take the first green step. It kicks off the campaign with two big partnerships. Hand-in-hand with Lazada, the leading eCommerce platform in the Philippines, Filipinos will now be able to receive all their Garnier orders from Lazada in plastic-free packaging – helping them enjoy their deliveries without the plastic waste. Alongside CORA (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation), a non-profit organization that fosters sustainable development through inclusive programs which uplift the most vulnerable via missions that address climate action, plastic pollution and biodiversity conservation, Filipinos can now donate a seedling to the mangrove ecosystem protecting Baybay, Leyte for every purchase of the Garnier all-star kit. 

“Sustainability is at the core of Garnier as a Green Beauty brand and we’re thankful to have partners that share the same values,” said Isabel Falco, Marketing Director of Garnier and L’Oréal Paris. “Through their reach and expertise, we will be able to inspire Filipinos to make conscious choices and encourage them to take simple steps as they start their sustainability journey.” 

L’Oreal Philippines, Isabel FALCO (Marketing Director, Garnier), Photo courtesy of Garnier Philippines

Reducing your eCommerce packaging waste through Garnier’s Green Parcel   

Garnier’s Green Parcel has found a new platform to help more consumers to reduce plastic waste. Starting August 2021, each purchase made from the official Garnier LazMall flagship store will be specially packed using eco-friendly sources and materials to reduce overall packaging footprint. 

Carlo Barrera, Lazada, Chief Operating Officer, Photo courtesy of Garnier Philippines

Lazada Chief Operating Officer Carlos Barrera has shared, “We are excited that Garnier has rolled out the Green Parcel initiative on our platform. We fully support their initiative to be one of the brands championing biodegradable plastic-free packaging on the platform.” 

Garnier’s Green Parcel is plastic free! Instead of the usual plastic tape, it uses water-infused kraft paper tape to secure and protect the products. In place of bubble wrap, it uses recycled paper wrap from FSC-certified suppliers that can be re-used at least 6 times and disintegrates in water within 30 seconds. All items are packed in a paper box that is RoHS-certified and does not contain any hazardous toxic chemicals.  

Garnier x Lazada Green Parcel, Image courtesy of Garnier Philippines

Garnier Philippines is the first beauty brand in the Philippines to roll out the Green Parcel program for e-commerce in October 2020. Since its introduction, Garnier has saved over 1,240 kg of plastic. It continues to work with various organizations and suppliers to look for more sustainable packaging materials that are either renewable or recyclable and have minimal environmental impact or ecological footprint.  

Skin care for you and for the planet: Offsetting carbon footprint through mangrove rehabilitation program 

CORA and Garnier have recently announced a partnership to support the mangrove plantation project called “WoMangrove Warriors,” which promises that for every Garnier All-Star Kit purchase, one seedling will be donated to the women eco-warriors community who maintain and protect the mangrove ecosystem in Baybay, Leyte. Under the program, CORA and Garnier aim to provide measurable action for carbon storage and sequestration to help mitigate climate change, improve opportunities for livelihood and income for women involved in mangrove rehabilitation programs and biodiversity-friendly enterprises, and strengthen local policies to support women and children. 

Garnier x CORA, Image courtesy of Garnier Philippines

Since launching the program last June, about 1,200 mangrove seedlings have been donated to the WoMangrove warriors. The progress can be tracked through Garnier’s information page on the partnership on their website.  

“The past few months have been exciting for the team at CORA. Having a Green Beauty brand like Garnier support the work that we do is very inspiring, but more concretely, this partnership also gives a boost to reach more people through green education and empowerment, and accelerates our mangrove seedling planting program,” said Cat Triviño, Communications Head of CORA. “The organization has been doing important work with Garnier, but I’m delighted to see how they are also encouraging Filipinos to get involved in Green Beauty and green practices too!” 

These are some of the major sustainability initiatives that Garnier is rolling out for 2021, and the brand is hoping that Filipinos everywhere will take #ONEGREENSTEP forward in their journey towards sustainability.