Sperry’s Modern Prep Revolution: Welcoming Joshua Garcia as the Face of the Trend

MANILA, Philippines—From ivy league campuses to country clubs, prep, often deemed overly traditional, is undergoing a renaissance. As people emerge from years of pandemic loungewear, they embrace dressing their best once more. Embodying this shift, Sperry, deeply rooted in this cultural heritage, paves the way for a contemporary preppy era with its newest campaign fronted by endorser Joshua Garcia.

The State of Prep

Inspired by shows like Succession and The White Lotus, where the realm of prep is explored through various lenses, a fresh breeze of style experimentation is sweeping in. Succession embodies quiet luxury, celebrating well-crafted ensembles and timeless color pairings, evoking an understated yet undeniably chic allure. It elegantly showcases navy Harrington jackets, cable-knit sweaters, sleek flat-front trousers, and the iconic Sperry A/O 2-Eye boat shoes. 

Joshua Garcia in the Sperry A/O Two-Eye in Brown Buck (Php 5995)

Images Courtesy of Sperry.

Today, this New England prep essence receives a dynamic twist as trendsetters infuse vibrancy and playfulness. Think bucket hats, denim jackets, and sporty socks paired with classic topsiders.

Conversely, The White Lotus channels a resort-infused approach to prep: a fusion of airy linens, maritime stripes, radiant whites, and a touch of Mediterranean ease. Evoking the essence of La Dolce Vita, the collection embraces relaxed, easygoing fits tailored to our sun-soaked, beach-centric culture. In line with this, Sperry’s range of retro-inspired sneakers, including the Halyard, presents a refined yet uncomplicated footwear choice that transitions seamlessly from the shoreline to urban streets. With its streamlined athletic profile, these sneakers harmonize effortlessly with essentials like camp-collar shirts, oversized sweater vests, and wide-leg khakis.

Images Courtesy of Sperry.

Stepping into the new era

Joshua Garcia in the Sperry Halyard Retro Lace-up Sneaker in Bone (Php 4590)

Images Courtesy of Sperry.

In a captivating partnership, Sperry joins forces with actor Joshua Garcia to epitomize the essence of the brand’s Modern Prep evolution. Garcia, acclaimed for his award-winning film and TV roles, embodies Sperry’s ethos of trailblazing in every endeavor. From his early days as a youth star to his current stature as a distinguished dramatic actor, his style has evolved- transitioning from youthful simplicity to refined elegance, complemented by Sperry’s iconic footwear. As Joshua continues to create ripples in Manila’s fashion scene, his bold and playful personal style, coupled with his role as a preppy trendsetter, is making waves anew.

Explore Sperry’s newest collection now available at the official website, www.sperry.com.ph, and at Sperry retail outlets.