Heart’s Pick: GCash and the Art of Effortless Transactions

MANILA, Philippines—GCash, the Philippines’ premier finance super app, ushers in a dynamic start to 2024 by unveiling international fashion icon Heart Evangelista-Escudero as its newest endorser. The announcement coincides with the release of a captivating digital film, poised to dominate our feeds.

This film highlights Heart’s exciting collaboration with GCash and showcases how the app has seamlessly integrated into her life, becoming her go-to super app for convenient, secure transactions—whether online, in-store, or abroad.

Image Courtesy of GCash.

Drawing inspiration from her globetrotting adventures, Heart shares anecdotes about how GCash has come to her rescue in moments of need. From using the app’s Send Money feature to receive thoughtful gifts from loved ones to effortlessly shopping online for her dog Panda’s adorable trinkets, Heart illustrates the versatility of GCash. She also marvels at the simplicity of the Scan to Pay feature, whether satisfying a kwek-kwek craving or joyfully experiencing her first successful GCash Card transaction for a coffee run in Paris.

In Heart’s own words, “For me, GCash has been a game changer. You can use it for so many things, and EVERYWHERE! From my local cravings, and shopping finds, and even now that I’m getting ready to head out for Fashion Week season, there is no limit to when I’ve got my GCash with me. Ang galing diba?”

Image Courtesy of GCash.

Similar to Heart’s enthusiasm, there’s an array of features to explore and appreciate about GCash! Beyond enjoying free money transfers and receiving vouchers and discounts for online payments, users, thanks to the GCash Card, can seamlessly transact in over 200 countries with lower foreign exchange rates than competitors—quickly becoming one of Heart’s travel essentials!

The scenes portrayed in the brand’s latest film draw inspiration from Heart’s day-to-day life. Heart actively contributed to crafting the script and personally curated her wardrobe, showcasing signature pieces from her collection, some of which have graced social media platforms.

“In Heart’s perspective, GCash stands out as the ultimate payment solution.”

Quoting Heart’s impactful closing line from her latest film, GCash extends an invitation to users to relish life’s finest offerings through the most convenient and secure means possible.

“Heart was undoubtedly the perfect and effortless choice for us in crafting this campaign. From our initial meeting, she showered us with a wealth of ideas that left the entire team inspired! Her meticulous attention to every detail played a pivotal role in creating content that is not unique but also deeply personal to her. We appreciate the way she openly shared her personal experiences, highlighting how GCash has streamlined her transactions, not just within the Philippines but globally.” – Neil Trinidad, GCash Chief Marketing Officer

As the leading finance super app in the Philippines, GCash remains committed to empowering Filipinos on their journey toward financial progress. Through this exciting collaboration with Heart, users can anticipate more innovations in 2024, as GCash continues to pave the way for a brighter future for all Filipinos. Soon enough, they too can confidently declare that GCash is indeed the best way to pay.

Experience the full GCash short film, produced in collaboration with Heart, on the official GCash page @gcashofficial on Facebook and YouTube.