A Season of Self-Expression: Levi’s and NewJeans Showcase 501 Fits

MANILA, Philippines—As global ambassadors representing Levi’s brand, NewJeans has been at the forefront of celebrating the enduring legacy of Levi’s 501 jeans, an iconic symbol of global style and the very blueprint from which all jeans originate.

The beloved South Korean K-pop girl group, in partnership with Levi’s, continues this celebration through an exciting new campaign that champions the boundless power and joy of authentic self-expression. With the introduction of a fresh range of 501 fits and seasonal looks, NewJeans and Levi’s invite their fans to embark on a journey of style individuality, encouraging them to explore various avenues of customizing Levi’s 501 jeans and truly making them their own.

Image Courtesy of Levi’s.

Collaborating with Haus Tailors and other esteemed Levi’s artist partners, this campaign showcases unique interpretations of classic 501 fits, emphasizing the limitless creative possibilities that 501 jeans offer as a canvas for genuine self-expression. At Levi’s Tailor Shops, fans have the opportunity to infuse their own embroidery designs, patches, pleats, and embellishments into 501 Shorts, 501 ’81 Jeans, 501 Cropped Jeans, 501 ’90s jeans, and 501 Original jeans. With exclusive embroidery designs and patches crafted by Japanese and Korean tailors, including Harajuku Tailor Shop and Garosugil Tailor Shop, fans can visit Levi’s Tailor Shops to craft their entirely unique interpretations of the iconic 501. Specialized rips and repairs can transform 501 Original Jeans into a worn-in, vintage-inspired look or an ultra-baggy fit. Naturally, enthusiasts from all walks of life are encouraged to mix and match pieces to craft their most distinctive ensembles.

Complementing the campaign is an engaging brand film that captures NewJeans selecting their 501 options, customizing their pieces, and elevating their looks with personal accessories and styling. Towards the end, they turn to the audience with a thought-provoking question: “How will you wear yours?”

Additional campaign films spotlight NewJeans as they proudly showcase their expressive seasonal looks. For “cold weather” ensembles, the free-spirited and energetic essence of NewJeans members shines through in Ribcage Wide Leg Women’s Jeans, Low Loose Jeans, and Ankle Column Skirts, set against warm-colored and textured backgrounds. This essence is further conveyed as the group dons Baggy Cargo pants, 501 Shorts, and Baggy Dad Jeans, set against cool-colored backdrops, evoking a summery ambiance.

NewJeans shared their enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “It’s been so rewarding to partner with a brand that has both an incredible past and looks towards the future. This campaign encourages people to discover and express their unique style by showing the different ways you can wear Levi’s 501 jeans and really make them your own. We are excited for our fans to explore how the collection can be customized with the Levi’s Tailor Shop. We know they can take these clothes in some really unique directions, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!”

The exclusive 501® fits are available for purchase on Levi.com.ph and at Levi’s Stores.