A Melodic Alliance Between The Juans and SB19 for TM’s New Anthem

MANILA, Philippines— Following their triumphant music collaborations in 2020 and 2021 for TM FunPasko and the heartwarming hit “Push Ang Pusuan,” the dynamic duo of pop-rock band The Juans and the 2023 Billboard awardee P-pop boy group SB19 reunite once more to craft an anthem poised to evoke positivity, inspiration, and unity among their fans and Filipinos across the nation.

“Each collaboration with SB19 holds a unique significance for us, as our music resonates with the shared goal of empowering everyday Filipinos,” revealed Carl Guevarra, the lead vocalist of The Juans. “TM’s support enables us to blend our voices and messages seamlessly.”

Image Courtesy of TM.

He further emphasized that these collaborations have deepened their connection and friendship with SB19. Despite their distinct music genres, they successfully united as a team for this project, culminating in a song that promises to strike a chord with every Filipino.

On August 11, 2023, TM unveiled its inaugural anthem, a collaborative effort between its ambassadors, The Juans and SB19. Titled “Team Tayo,” the song encapsulates the essence of everyday Filipino lives and how TM seamlessly integrates as a teammate in crucial moments. Drawing from the real-life stories of Filipinos, “Team Tayo” embodies the Filipino ethos of unity, mutual support, and the celebration of shared experiences. It underscores the spirit of community and togetherness, transforming life’s challenges into more manageable endeavors when surrounded by a team. Bea Lacson, TM Business Unit Head, remarked, “

As the song echoes, ‘Wag kang matakot, ‘di ka nag-iisa.’ We recognize the comfort that comes with having someone to rely on, making everyday obstacles more surmountable.

Stream Team Tayo on bit.ly/tmteamtayo or visit https://www.tmtambayan.ph/ for more updates.