Galderma Brings Beauty Breakthrough in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines—In a recent launch, Galderma‘s Sculptra®, a revolutionary dermal filler, has finally landed in the Philippines, offering a new solution to those seeking to enhance their natural beauty.

Guests are welcomed by a vibrant hue of pink, evoking a sense of youthful exuberance which Galderma strives for. Beauty enthusiasts and medical professionals were introduced to the innovative product, which promises to stimulate collagen growth and restore facial volume.

During the presentation, Galderma representatives shared the science behind Sculptra®, explaining how it works to gradually replace lost collagen and restore youthful-looking skin over time. Unlike traditional fillers, which provide immediate results but can also appear overdone, Sculptra offers a subtle and natural-looking enhancement that lasts up to two years. 

Image courtesy of Galderma

The treatment involves a series of injections that are typically spaced out over several months, with its results that can last up to two years or more, restoring volume and improving contours and folds.

“Filipinos typically start losing collagen as early as mid-30s, our skin starts to show signs of ageing such as wrinkles, sagging and lackluster complexion,” says Dr. Yu Ming Huang, a board-certified dermatologist and adjunct attending physician at the National Taiwan University – Children’s Hospital. “With the launch of Sculptra® in the Philippines, people will have better chances of maintaining a natural youthful look and glow.”

Sculptra is made from a biocompatible material called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). This unique material has been used in medical devices for decades and is well-known for its safety and effectiveness. With this, Sculptra® can restore skin laxity, volumize aged skin and help revive fullness.

(L-R) Galderma Aesthetics Marketing and CET Manager Christine Legaspi, Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Yu Ming Huang, Prof. Contesa Alapag, MD, General and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Alvin Jorge, Galderma’s General Manager Louie Roxas, and Galderma Aesthetics Business Unit Head Michelle de Jesus. Image courtesy of Galderma.

“Sculptra® has proven aesthetic results since 1999, so this product has been improving the lives of countless people for more than three decades now,” says Christine Legaspi, Marketing & CET Manager of Galderma Aesthetics, “[It] is the only collagen biostimulator with over 50 publications to date on efficacy and safety in more than 10,000 patients.”

Sculptra® has already gained popularity in Europe and the United States, with many celebrities and influencers touting its benefits. Now, Filipinos can also experience the rejuvenating effects of the groundbreaking product. 

Overall, the launch of Sculptra® in the Philippines represents a significant step forward for the local beauty industry, offering a safe and effective alternative to traditional fillers that promises natural-looking results that last. 

Sculptra® is now available at Galderma partner clinics and is expected to be a game changer in the field of medical aesthetics in the Philippines.