There are Ways to Be Kinder to Your Skin While Being Kind to the Planet—Here’s Five

MANILA, Philippines —Facts are facts! We only have one planet and the urgency to take good care of it is so important now, more than ever. In helping to preserve our planet, more and more people are making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

From taking baby steps of opting for paper bags over plastic, down to bringing your own takeaway containers, more and more people are choosing to go green, and beauty products aren’t exempt.

Need ideas to take that necessary step to a more sustainable lifestyle? Here’s a rundown of tips you can look into:

Focus on doing small changes with consistency

Forget about switching up your whole routine all at once. “Look for changes you can make that are easy and convenient for YOU,” says NIVEA ambassador Coraleen Waddell. “If you can easily swap out an unsustainable product for a sustainable one, take that win! Making changes easy for yourself and your lifestyle ensure a greater chance of long-term success.” It’s impossible to go zero waste all at once so keep your goals small. Start slow and keep at it, and you’ll be surprised at how far you can go.

Take an active role in supporting advocacies on sustainability

It’s great you’re finally taking the more sustainable route for the planet, but don’t let it stop there. Patch Magtanong says, “Be vocal, influence your peers, and take action.” Look for environmental groups you can donate to or volunteer if you can give your time. Step up for your planet! There is only one Earth so use your voice to protect it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When in doubt, remember the three R’s. “Avoid waste by recycling, and consider throwing something out an absolute last resort,” Leila Alcasid shares. “Almost everything can be repurposed or recycled!” It’ll also help if you think long and hard before you make a purchase. If you see yourself using the item for a long time, or can make use of the packaging it came in after you use the product, go for it! But if you find yourself having second thoughts, there might be a better, planet-friendly alternative out there.

Be a conscious consumer

Janina Manipol’s tip is all about altering your current mindset. “Change personal behavior on what you eat, what you purchase, and how you conserve energy and water,” she says. Once you’re aware of how you consume the planet’s resources, it’ll be easier to make little changes to your lifestyle.

Use sustainable skincare products that are kind to your skin AND the planet

One concern with sustainable skincare, especially those in bar form, is that they tend to dry out the skin. To know you’re getting the best for your skin, opt for products that are optimized to the skin’s natural pH level for gently-cleansed, soft skin. As for being good for the planet, look for products that are of 99% natural origin, have a vegan formula, and come in plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging like the NEW NIVEA WonderBAR.

NIVEA WonderBAR comes in four variants that address different skin concerns:

Images courtesy of NIVEA

NIVEA WonderBAR Anti-Pimple Scrub effectively treats pimples, instantly purifies the skin, and refines the skin’s texture with its key ingredients – kaolin clay has anti-bacterial properties while green tea extract works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

For those experiencing skin dryness, NIVEA WonderBAR Hydrating leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed with anti-oxidants from blueberries while almond oil balances the skin’s absorption of moisture and water loss.

If you’re looking to get radiant and glowing skin, NIVEA WonderBAR Radiance with rose extracts is for you. It also has vitamin E, a fat-soluble ingredient that penetrates deep into the skin and helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function, leaving your skin supple and soothed.

And lastly, for clearer, smoother skin try NIVEA WonderBAR Blackhead-Clearing Scrub with activated charcoal. It gently exfoliates to refine your skin’s texture, and targets blackheads before they turn into breakouts.

Are you ready to make the change for your skin and the planet? NIVEA WonderBAR is available in select Watsons stores nationwide and online, as well as in Lazada and Shopee.