Human Nature Launches the ‘Feminine Wash Bar’ to Battle Plastic Waste with Less Liquid

MANILA, Philippines — Here’s a difficult pill to swallow: Did you know that the Philippines is the world’s third-largest ocean polluter1

The plastic crisis is real and our relationship with plastic has become toxic. The world is producing and consuming plastic products and packaging that have far-reaching impact beyond its practical need. Use it for a month’s worth of hair cleansing, forever in the world. According to National Geographic, plastics may persist in the environment for hundreds of years, harming animal and possibly human health.

Human Nature, the homegrown FIlipino company known for genuinely natural yet affordable cosmetics, personal and home care products, is taking this problem head-on. They have been increasing efforts to minimize and eventually eliminate plastic. Starting out years ago with recycling, then refilling and upsizing, they now lead the way towards having plastic bottle-free products for people to switch to. Together with the support of their customers,  16 tonnes of plastic waste have been prevented from ending up in landfills, beaches and the ocean. That’s equivalent to 1 million 50ml or 500 thousand 200ml plastic bottles

One of the best ways to manage our plastic problem is to battle the bottle: go plastic bottle-free. By moving towards plastic-free, sustainable options through breakthrough waterless formulations such as bars and concentrated powders, consumers can now truly start breaking free from plastic themselves.

They are enjoining everyone to take on the challenge to refuse plastic by including a simple change in their choices, one product at a time. 

Human Nature introduces their latest waterless innovation to battle the plastic bottle-the Feminine Wash Bar. Liquid feminine wash may be good, but we can do better for our planet. 

Feminine Wash Bar, Image courtesy of Human Nature

Delight in the Feminine Wash Bar and enjoy a fresh and fun new change–from liquid to bar, from pouring to lathering. It’s the same fem wash goodness you love without the harmful chemicals or the plastic guilt.

This bubbly bar gently cares for your most intimate area with a rich infusion of nature’s finest ingredients. Mangosteen extract controls odor and fights bacteria, chamomile prevents itchiness and bad odor, while virgin coconut oil prevents your skin from drying.

Its 95.11% natural formula is gentle yet effectively cleans with a feminine floral fresh scent. What’s more, the Fem Wash Bar is truly pH-balanced because it falls within the normal pH level of your intimate area which is below 4.5, to help maintain your vaginal health.

Only wholesome goodness is in every Fem Wash Bar. You can be sure that no harmful chemicals like parabens, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and EDTA touch your skin.

The Fem Wash Bar has already gathered rave reviews! 10 out of 10 users found it really gentle on their intimate area4 while 9 out of 10 users claimed it protected them from unwanted odor5.

Sheila, one satisfied user shares her experience, “It kept odor away even during the last few days of my period. It did not cause itchiness or anything irritating, making me feel fresh every time I wash.”

You’ll be glad to know that it’s as easy to use as your favorite liquid feminine wash, only more convenient. Just wet the bar and lather up on your hands then use the suds to clean your intimate area. To make it last longer and ensure it won’t melt, cradle it on a slotted soap dish then just store it in a dry place away from moisture.

Care for your intimate area while minimizing plastic and being kind to our planet. #SwitchToSolidGoodness today!