Elio Martusciello’s Latest Creation ‘Esercizi per Esistere’ to Grace Audiences This Month

MANILA, Philippines— ‘Esercizi per Esistere’ is a collaborative masterpiece seamlessly weaving together the realms of music, poetry, and painting. Through the harmonious fusion of talents from three distinguished creators – Elio Martusciello, Nazim Comunale, and Peter Bartlett – Dissipatio proudly introduces an intricately layered and profound work.

This multi-faceted creation is a sensory tapestry, intricately designed to engage and provoke profound contemplation. Elio Martusciello, drawing inspiration from the disciplined verses of Nazim Comunale, crafts a musical landscape that mirrors the intricacies of our daily inner lives.

Image Courtesy of Dissipatio.

Painter Peter Bartlett, in turn, translates these experiences into abstract graphic panoramas that beckon the viewer to immerse themselves, inviting them to both lose and rediscover their essence while pursuing the harmonies embedded in Martusciello’s notes and Comunale’s poetic words.

Images Courtesy of Dissipatio.

Elio Martusciello

Elio Martusciello, a luminary in the realm of electroacoustic music and a pioneering improviser, has consistently employed an array of electro-electronic devices during live performances, transitioning to the electric guitar in his current artistic journey. Despite his background in the visual arts, Martusciello’s musical aesthetic is profoundly shaped by his extensive involvement in acousmatic music.

Notably, he stands as a founding member of the Ossatura group, contributing to the avant-garde exploration of sonic landscapes. Adding to his illustrious career, Martusciello occupies the esteemed position as the Chair of Electroacoustic Musical Composition at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples, a testament to his influence and dedication in the academic realm.

Nazim Comunale

Nazim Comunale is a multifaceted creative force, seamlessly blending roles as a music critic, poet, musician, and cultural provocateur. Presently, he contributes his insights to renowned publications such as Il Manifesto, Blow Up, Il Giornale Della Musica, and Sentire Listenre. Notably, his latest book, “Tu, Ira” (Edizioni il Convivio), exemplifies his literary prowess, which clinched the prestigious 2021 Carrera Prize. Comunale’s literary reach extends internationally, with translations of his texts in Venezuela and the USA.

In the realm of music, he showcases his artistic versatility as the driving force behind the album “Persis” with the band Iran, released under Aagoo Records. His collaborative spirit shines in projects like “The Religion of Insects,” where he joined forces with Cristian Maddalena and Francesco Massaro (Superpang). Nazim Comunale’s diverse contributions underscore his ability to navigate and excel across the intersections of literature and music, leaving an indelible mark on both disciplines.

Peter Barlett

Peter Bartlett, a versatile painter, delves into various visual arts domains—painting, drawing, collage, constructions, installations, and performances. Embracing an improvised approach, he often works with closed eyes and uses his left hand, challenging the expected.

Bartlett adds a captivating twist by writing backward in his drawings and collages, revealing hidden images. This unconventional method reflects his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, inviting viewers to experience his creations in innovative ways.