Get the Huawei Device of Your Dreams with Globe’s GPlan and Exclusive Huawei Bundles

MANILA, Philippines — We’re all constantly in the search for things that could elevate our work, and allow us to do things the most exciting and efficient way. Recognizing this, Globe Postpaid has partnered with Huawei to offer exclusive bundles beyond mobile that give customers endless possibilities to redefine the ways they experience their everyday life.

A leader in device innovations, Huawei Consumer BG is guided by its “1 + 8 + N” Seamless AI Life strategy, where: “1” represents mobile phone users; “8” represents tablets, PCs, VR devices, wearables, smart screens, smart audio, smart speakers, and head units; and “N” represents ubiquitous IoT devices. Driven by HarmonyOS and the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem, this strategy enables different types of devices to seamlessly share their capabilities and information, providing consumers with an intelligent experience across five key scenarios: smart office, fitness & health, smart home, easy travel, and entertainment.

“The needs of our customers are always changing so we continue to provide them with meaningful innovations that empower them to own the life they want,” said Angeline Po, Globe Postpaid Head. “The Huawei Device Bundles exclusively available on GPlan provide them access to multiple innovative products at the best possible price, allowing them new ways to experience connectivity, entertainment, fitness, and productivity in the most exciting ways.”

The Huawei Device Bundles with GPlan promise an elevated lifestyle for the entertainment junkies, the knowledge and productivity seekers, and the fitness buffs out there. 

Huawei Device Bundles with GPlan, Image courtesy of Globe

Huawei Vision S Beyond TV and Huawei MatePad T10 for the always-connected and entertainment junkie

The devices that make up the ultimate entertainment bundle include the future of TV, which is the Huawei Vision S Beyond TV with impeccable advanced features such as 120HZ Stunning Picture, 4 Speakers Huawei Sound, a 13MP magnetic detachable camera, 1080p MeeTime App video call, Home Karaoke, Distributed gaming and Huawei’s HarmonyOS. It is bundled with the Huawei MatePad T10, which is a powerful tablet that carries a Kirin 710A processor, a bigger 128GB storage, and new LTE connectivity capability following the addition of a sim slot. 

Together, the two devices redefine at-home cinematic experience with the capability of Huawei Vision S Beyond TV to stream immersive content while the user connects with friends and family via the Huawei MatePad T10 to share the experience with others in real-time. 

The exclusive bundle is available when customers apply to GPlan 2499 with P14,400 cashout for the 55″ TV or with P30,000 cashout for the 65″ TV.

For a more affordable option, users can replicate the same experience on a more compact screen with the Huawei Display 23.8” Monitor, featuring 1080P Huawei FullView and Huawei 23.8-inch Display, bundled with the Huawei MatePad T10 free with GPlan 1799. 

Huawei Matebook D14 and Huawei Display for the relentless learner and constant seeker

Meanwhile, having the right devices redefines the way one achieves productivity. For work and learning bundles, the Huawei Device Bundles with GPlan feature the Huawei Matebook D14. It is fitted with a remarkable 1920 x 1080 IPS screen and the bezels have been stripped back to just 4.8 mm, making the 14-inch FullView display look nearly endless. With its viewing angle of 178°, whether you’re diving into a cinematic experience, or just sending an email, you are in for a visual treat with the vivid, beautiful screen.

Moreover, its precise colors and reduced harmful blue light allow users to spend more time catching up on work or mastering studies in front of the screen while avoiding eye strain and visual fatigue. Paired with the Huawei MatePad T10 for note-taking and multi-screen activities, this is the best duo for collaborating for work or school and raising the bar for productivity on the go. Get this exclusive bundle when you apply to GPlan 2499 with cashout starting at P14,400. 

Other Huawei device bundles that enable productivity are the Huawei Display 23.8” + MatePad T10 Bundle with GPlan 1499 that you can get with PHP 1,200 one-time cashout; the Huawei Y7A + MatePad T10 available on GPlan 1499 with P1,200 cashout; or one can get just the Huawei MatePad T10 device free with GPlan 999.

Huawei nova 8i and Huawei Band 6 for the health conscious and aspiring fitness buff

Lastly, it has become apparent that each day brings a new opportunity to improve our lifestyle and engage in physical activity that can bring long-term benefits for our physical health. 

With Huawei’s nova 8i and Band 6 featured on Huawei Device Bundles  with GPlan Fitness Bundle, customers can redefine the way they workout and keep track of their progress. Users can go on a quick run around the park, join a virtual spinning class, or go on a video call with a trainer through the powerful Huawei nova 8i. Paired with the ever-reliable Band 6, users can track and share caloric burn, activity duration, heart rate, stress, and sleep with their trainer or physician, allowing them to have a deeper perspective of the user’s progress. 

“Through Huawei Device Bundles and GPlan, we want to give our customers more than just access to new and innovative devices. We want to redefine the way they take control and experience the world, uplifting the quality of their lives every step of the way,” concluded Po.

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