In Celebration For Shopee’s First Supermarket Anniversary Sale, Here Are Some Deals That You Might Need

MANILA, Philippines— We’ve all had our fair share of jobs and tasks around the house, whether we grew up in a large, bustling family or a smaller, more relaxing family. Many of us progressed from being taught to make our beds or tidy our rooms to managing your own families. You probably faced with the following domestic problems as a child or an adult at some point.

  • Running late & whipping up a quick breakfast

Ever snooze your alarm in the morning by accident? Bet you had to skip the shower and even breakfast, the most important meal of the day, just to make it in time for work. For days like this, Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal in Chocolate is your best bet for breakfast! You can get yourself a tasty meal to start your day in less than five minutes by just adding water. Next time you’re in a pinch, grab this before you go.

  • Dealing with a sudden toothache

Every parent knows what it’s like when their kid gets a toothache. Between the pain, the swelling, and the dentist visit that comes with it, getting a toothache is no fun. But don’t sweat, you can say goodbye to toothaches for you and your kids with Colgate’s Triple Action Anti-Cavity Family Toothpaste, especially designed to protect your teeth from cavities, whiten your teeth, and leave you with fresher breath.

Image courtesy Shopee

  • Changing diapers, and making it more fun

Let’s face it – changing diapers isn’t exactly a chore that every parent looks forward to. But it’s now made more fun with Huggies’ Dry Pants Superheroes Edition! These diapers come in cute prints featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, guaranteed to put a smile on your little ones’ faces, even during diaper changing time!

  • Having your fave ulam and dealing with the dishes after

Picture this: you’ve just finished a plate of your favorite adobo with perfectly steamed white rice. You’re full, content, and ready to finish doing your dishes, but  the oil from the adobo refuses to come off. Times like these call for Surf’s Dishwashing Liquid Kalamansi Sachet, specially designed to remove grease and food residue. No need to worry about greasy plates next time when you try out this dishwashing liquid!

  • Getting your period in the middle of the night

Girls will know the struggle of waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that their time of the month has come. During times like these, it’s always better to be well-equipped and prepared with all the essentials necessary to help you feel better – whether that’s hot compress, painkillers, or your favorite comfort food. Don’t forget to stock up on Whisper’s Cottony Clean Overnight Sanitary Napkins, a trusty companion guaranteed to make red days go by easier.

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