KROMA Entertainment Champions Children’s Creativity with Project UNLAD

MANILA, Philippines—In a fresh collaboration, KROMA Entertainment joins hands with Save The Children Philippines and Proud Parents of Parañaque in forging a step forward in championing children’s creativity by mounting Project UNLAD (UNLocking Learners’ ADvancement). 

Recently, the entertainment company held an engaging Eco Bag Painting Activity with students from the Special Education (SPED) program of the San Agustin Elementary School in Parañaque City. The workshop was led by content creator and visual artist Raco Ruiz from NYMA, KROMA’s talent management agency. Ruiz, whose art appears on digital and in murals, inspired the students by highlighting the boundless possibilities of art. 

Raco Ruiz KROMA’s talent management agency. Images courtesy of KROMA Entertainment.

“Art is limitless. It can be a song, a dance, or even a video game. If you love and invest time in something, you can turn it into an art form. In painting, a leaf isn’t just green. It can be pink, yellow, or blue. Your imagination is the only limit. So, dive in, and create,” he shares.

After a short talk, Ruiz led the SPED students on a tour of the campus to search for visual inspiration. With the help of the parents in attendance, the students turned blank canvas bags into original, functional, and adorable works of art. 

(L-R) Mikael Pablo – Save The Children Philippines’ Community Development Officer, Mary Jane Ervas – CEO, Proud Parents of Parañaque, Lorene Yap –  Save The Children Philippines’s Individual Giving Coordinator, Levy Zamora – Save The Children Philippines’ Finance Assistant, Mark Gerald Cristobal – SPED Teacher, Ma. Ana Alonzo – SPED Teacher, Cheng Kabigting – Head of Sales and Marketing, KROMA Entertainment, Principal Vilma Forbes, San Agustin Elementary School, Raco Ruiz – Visual Artist and NYMA Talent, Ro Manalo – Head of Marketing, KROMA Entertainment, Randy Papa, SPED Teacher, and Jonathan Vecina, SPED Master Teacher. Image courtesy of KROMA Entertainment.

“We are honored to have supported this undertaking. At NYMA, It is part of our mission to share our talents’ time and creativity with others, especially the next generation to inspire them to unlock their own potential. That day was particularly meaningful for Raco,” shares Kat Baustista, Head of NYMA.

“Filipinos are innately talented and creative. I see a room brimming with potential. I hope you continue to create, imagine, and share your art with the world in any format you choose,” says Cheng Kabigting, KROMA’s Head of Sales and Marketing.

San Agustin Elementary School Principal Vilma Forbes shares excitement and gratefulness having students exposed to art and that the school was considered for such an “extraordinary activity for our children.”

Meanwhile, Save The Children Philippines Community Development Officer Mikael Pablo, says the event helped push inclusivity forward. 

“This event is a way to promote inclusivity— that all children with disabilities have the ability to show their skills and talents in different types of art,” says Pablo. 

(L-R) Ma. Ana Alonzo – SPED Teacher, Ro Manalo – Head of Marketing, KROMA Entertainment, Raco Ruiz – Visual Artist and NYMA Talent, Jonathan Vecina – SPED Master Teacher, and Randy Papa – SPED Teacher. Images courtesy of KROMA Entertainment.

San Agustin Elementary School educators Randy Papa, a SPED Teacher, and Jonathan Vecina, a SPED Master Teacher,  Save The Children Philippines’s Individual Giving Coordinator Lorene Yap, and Mary Jane Ervas, CEO of Proud Parents of Parañaque, were also present at the event. 

Project UNLAD underscores KROMA Entertainment’s commitment to championing Filipino creativity, using art as a powerful tool for storytelling. The company is eager to continue this mission, fostering young talent and exploring different art forms with Save The Children and Proud Parents of Parañaque in future collaborations.

Participating students paint a slice of everyday life on canvas bag. Images courtesy of KROMA Entertainment.

Join Save the Children Philippines as we build a better world—for and with children.

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