Linya-Linya Land 2023 to Host Launch of ‘Tulong-Tulong’: A Communal Advocacy

MANILA, Philippines—Joining forces with the nation’s top musicians, comedians, and artists, Linya-Linya is set to unite its partner organizations at Linya-Linya Land 2023, providing them with a platform to raise awareness, educate the public about their causes, gather donations for their beneficiaries, and engage volunteers for their projects.

Recognized for its clever and pun-filled Filipino expressions on shirts and content, Linya-Linya has been an integral part of bringing joy to its partner organizations through its “Tulong-Tulong” program, encompassing all of the brand’s outreach endeavors. The brand currently collaborates with various organizations focused on education, equality, and animal welfare, including AHA! Learning Center, Angat Buhay Foundation, Mindanao Pride, Love Yourself PH, and Pawssion Project.

Image Courtesy of Linya-Linya.

Through the sale of specially designated shirts and merchandise, Linya-Linya generates funds and raises awareness to support these organizations. Ali Sangalang, Linya-Linya’s Creative Director, emphasizes the significance of lending a hand to amplify the message of the cause, stating, “As Filipinos facing diverse challenges today, lending assistance is crucial. Yet, the truth is, our impact is stronger and more effective when we work together.”

The Tulong-Tulong initiative was born during the height of the pandemic when frontline workers and vulnerable families were in dire need of essential supplies. Linya-Linya responded by donating a portion of selected shirt sales to Frontline Feeders PH, AHA! Learning Center, and Life Cycles PH.

With the resounding success of this simple act of support for those in need during the pandemic, Linya-Linya has expanded the initiative, distributing shirts to students, mothers, and teachers at AHA! Learning Center and contributing to the renovation of the Angat Buhay Community Learning Hub in Area 17, UP Campus, Quezon City.

Images Courtesy of Linya-Linya.

Group picture of kids and teachers from AHA! Learning Center in Tondo.

Image Courtesy of Linya-Linya.

In addition, the shirt company is proud to introduce Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation as a new partner—a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the Filipino nation, promoting awareness in upholding democracy, ensuring justice, and unwavering pursuit of truth.

Championing Filipino talent and bolstering local artists has always been integral to Linya-Linya’s mission. Amidst these celebrations of collaboration, event attendees can anticipate an extraordinary treat: the unveiling of new limited edition shirts created in partnership with Ebe Dancel, the renowned singer of “Bawat Daan,” and the legendary comic artist Pol Medina, Jr.

Images Courtesy of Linya-Linya.

There’s also an exciting Super Sale where attendees can grab shirts and merchandise starting at just Php 188.

Save the date for Linya-Linya Land 2023 on August 26, 2023, at 123 Block in Mandaluyong City. Presented by Linya-Linya and GNN Entertainment Productions, this annual event blends witty puns with a diverse lineup of headliners from music, comedy, and art to create an immersive experience for the community and fans.

This edition features notable names like Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, Nica Del Rosario, Cheats, Autotelic, DJ Ayel, comedians Victor Anastacio, Nonong Ballinan, GB Labrador, James Caraan, Jeleen Cubillas, and esteemed artists Manix Abrera, Rob Cham, Pol Medina Jr., Panch Alvarez, and AG Saño.

Secure your tickets online at for more event info, visit Linya-Linya’s social media pages.