Bench Makes History in the Philippines with Soap Hang Tags Debut

MANILA, Philippines—Bench, the homegrown fashion brand, has recently introduced a groundbreaking innovation that’s both sustainable and practical: a hang tag that doubles as laundry detergent for your clothes’ initial wash.

Ben Chan, Chairman of Bench, shared, “We are continuously seeking ways to enhance every facet of our business, including reducing our environmental footprint. We recognize that there’s significant room for improvement in this area. While shifting to detergent tags may seem like a minor effort to some, we believe that every small step we take to improve will eventually make a significant impact.”

Image Courtesy of Bench.

Does this signal the end of traditional paper hang tags that often leave us wondering, “What should I do with this?” once they’re detached from newly purchased clothing?

“Bench has always valued and promoted transparency. Currently, there are some limitations to the implementation of these wash tags. Nevertheless, we aspire to extend this practice to all our fashion products in the future,” Chan added.

Image Courtesy of Bench.

Images Courtesy of Bench.

A pioneering concept in the Philippines, Bench’s Washtag is crafted entirely from detergent sheets, from the tag to the twine, and imprinted using biodegradable, non-staining ink. In essence, it’s 100% detergent and 0% waste.

For its inaugural release, Bench is introducing Washtags to 4,080 of its Better Made shirts, which are crafted from recycled plastic bottles. These shirts are priced at just Php 499 each and are readily available at over 60 Bench stores across the nation, as well as on Lazada and through To stay updated, follow Bench on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.