Oreo Invites Hardworking Dads to Express their Playful Side with #OREOSaveDads Dance Challenge!

MANILA, Philippines – With the lines of home and work-life being blurred brought about by the pandemic, for most families fathers have had difficulty in finding quality time to spend with their loved ones. Because of this, Oreo invites dads to take a step back and spend time with their kids through #OREOSaveDads dance challenge!

Image courtesy of Oreo

Working from home has made it harder for some families to find time for one another. The boundaries between work and home life for parents have become blurred, with Dads often tending to miss out on family bonding. But it is during mealtimes and snack times when parents get to spend time with their kids.
And snack times can be made more memorable when it becomes a bonding time for fun and play. It only takes a few minutes, just add in OREO in the mix and everyone will remember how fun it is to Twist, Lick, and Dunk an OREO. Asking kids about their day, or the latest game they played or video they watched is great when done while snacking on OREO and drinking a glass of milk. Making the OREO Twist, Lick, Dunk a snack time habit will give the kids a bonding time with Dad to look forward to.

Now with the #OREOSaveDads campaign, Oreo helps dads be more present during family bonding moments by rekindling their playful side. Through its twist, lick, dunk, eat experience, Oreo reminds dads that the most joyful family moments are when everyone can join in the fun.

If you want to take the bonding experience a few levels higher, take the #OREOSaveDads dance challenge! The kids will remember forever when their parents act like them! The #OREOSaveDads Dance Challenge brings out the playful side of Dad as they join their kids in a TikTok video, guaranteed to be filled with never-before-seen dance moves, laughs, and a whole lot of fun! Dads and kiddos will not just get to show their moves–they will have videos to look back on, reminding them of some of the bonding moments they had with Dad.

Image courtesy of Oreo

Kids won’t stay little forever, and Dads must bond and have fun with their children before they grow up. The #OREOSaveDads Dance Challenge shows that at the end of the day, what the kids remember isn’t how much Dad spent on that grand vacation, or the number of hours their parents spent with them. What matters is their parents’ attention, that Dad was 100% present, and they all had fun as a family.

Click here to get in on the #OREOSaveDads Dance Challenge! 

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