OPPO Pad Air Promises to be Your Sleek and Functional Lightweight Beast

For creatives who have long been looking for a device of trouble-free lug, the looks of its surface would be the least of mind. With digitalization dominating each field of work, a small unit of technology with all the features required can create wonders.

The pursuit for such a device might be put to an end with this recently released OPPO Pad Air, where productivity meets the gleam of new technology. Rank Magazine puts OPPO’s latest innovation to a test to see the lengths it could take on day-to-day digital endeavors. 

For years, OPPO devices have been known for its affordable prices that allows people of different backgrounds to try a quality product. With everything going digital nowadays, finding a device that can cater to your needs and is friendly to your pocket is quite hard to find. OPPO Pad Air is a sprawling vision turned into reality for aspiring digital artists and creators who are looking for an entry-level device that promises features that exceed the limits. 

Starting off with the flagship device’s noticeable features, its sunset dune texture was made possible by the Reno Glow process, a 3D finishing technology, which is a five-layer coating of bullet texture layer, a PICASUS film, a color film, Fresnel Lens texture, and a reflective indium coating. OPPO Pad Air’s surface just screams sleekness through its fog gray hues, functionality doesn’t leave out looks in this device. 

An appealing sight on the dunes at dusk can also be spotted on the upper portion of the rear panel. Sandblasted to leave tiny particles of sand with a diameter of only 0.15 mm, the lower portion of the rear panel has a more layered, metallic appearance that makes this device an aesthetic must-have. 

Photographed by Bhernn Saenz

The panel also features the popular metal splicing pattern from its predecessors. Two distinct visual effects are displayed on the back panel through the deftly fusion of glistening sand particles and its metal body. This distinguishes OPPO in terms of tablet designs yet again.

The tablet’s sleek appearance is also complemented by its four-sided equal-width (8 mm) bezel design, its ultra-slim, lightweight body, that weighs exactly 440 g and has a thickness of 6.94 mm adds to the beauty of this device. Given how light it is to handle, it is undoubtedly the type of device you can carry wherever, thanks to its ergonomic design. 

Facing a device all day can really exhaust your eye, especially with how everything is done virtually now, but OPPO Pad Air makes sure to give you an enjoyable large-screen experience with its eye comfort certification that doesn’t compromise the performance of its wide 10.36-inch 2K screen. The 83.5% screen-to-body ratio of this tablet is just the perfect dimension of a device that allows users to enjoy every use and watch. 

Photographed by Bhernn Saenz

Its usability was made possible through the support of a smart backlight with 2,048 dimming zones as well as adaptive brightness, which makes the screen light softer and less dazzling at night; the screen can still vividly display up to a billion colors and display them more realistically and delicately without straining the eyes. Prolonged usage of the device won’t be a concern as it passed the TÜV Rheinland’s certification for low blue light eye protection.

Its quad-speaker symmetrical stereo is also one of the highlights of this device. Your regular movie marathon can be made better through its four speakers that emit sounds symmetrically. Its 0.8cc large sound chamber and 1W power allows the speakers to produce a sound rich in details. A 3D sound experience can also happen with the help of Dolby Atmos technology incorporated in the device, just select any Dolby-based sound source to fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

Despite OPPO Pad Air’s ultra-thin body, its 7,100 mAh battery ensures several hours of use with its long battery life. For daily digital activities, the device can last up to 15 hours, while long-term use for work, business, or online classes suggest using a 18W Fast Charge. If you need a device to fulfill your duties at work without having the need to constantly have a charger ready, you won’t have to worry about this device’s battery lifespan. 

Drawing and note-taking is also made convenient with the almost-real handwriting experience on this device. Its ultra-low latency smart stylus allows you to take minutes of a meeting hassle-free or draw your commissioned artwork with ease. This is just the perfect device for creatives with how it can immediately transfer your vision to its large screen at a touch of its digital pen. One AAAA battery is already enough to power the stylus for 10,000 hours of standby time or a thousand hours of use.

Photographed by Bhernn Saenz

With everything said about the device, it still has more to offer with its smart user-oriented interaction, multi-device connectivity, and new functions in its ColorOS 12.1 best for super recording and e-ink screen for e-books. 

OPPO Pad Air may be an affordable option, but the features it packs exceeds expectations, more than enough to incorporate the device of convenience, functionality, and style into your daily creative ventures and explorations.