New Heights: Natalie Xynia is Poised to Take on Anything Beyond her Realm

The pandemic struck in a flash, dividing us all and making us question and assess not living the fullest possible life before it erupted. However, parting ways does not always lead to regret; it can also mean taking odds, navigating and taking on a new voyage, or ushering fresh opportunities to the fore—as evidenced by Natalie Xynia‘s pivotal drift in the streaming industry.

As everyone has no other way to be entertained but on the digital sphere, the virtual gamer divulges on taking on the opportunity to establish her career during one of the darkest periods of our lives. She used to be fascinated about playing games and used this to tread on the unfamiliar waters of the Facebook gaming stream. This, however, did not work to her advantage as, while there had been multitudinous users online, there were also numerous competitors that arose, which diminished any hope she had of keeping up. 

With this, her admin gave her a breakdown of how kumu features and urged her to give it a shot. Determined to establish a name for herself in the digital world, she tried it right off the bat and wound up victorious on her newfound career path. “I [was not] really into the app [kumu] before because I was more serious about gaming. Parang feel ko nandoon yung passion ko; nandoonyung community ko.” she tells Rank Magazine.

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Despite her tenacity, she admits having flimsy faith and quickly-dispelled hopes. As a result, she attempted to stop using the app on her first day but returned a month later.

She opens up, “What pushed me to keep on streaming was because of the people who really supported me—my supporters and also my gifters who are really generous—and I just felt that genuine connection even though it’s online. I don’t really trust people online but when I got to connect with them, it just happened.” 

Notwithstanding the despair that once gnawed at her young, impressionable soul, the unparalleled love and unfeigned link she was experiencing at the time gave her the drive to continue doing what she is. Still in awe, the idea of others betting on her success never came across her mind. “Super low ako at those times, then I just felt really supported. Sila ‘yung nag-push sa’kin so I am grateful to all of the people who supported me,” she expresses with warmth.

As soon as she started streaming for no other reason than it being her interest, Xynia felt like her life had finally evolved, with her not thinking about getting profit and instead spending her time on her viewers.

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Napaka-productive niya sa’kin since they helped me to talk about a lot of things; it helped me to build my confidence. I didn’t [think] na magiging ganito na ako right now.” 

Understanding that she began during the rage of the crisis, when everything was curtailed and shackled, and that things are now slowly beginning to recover, Xynia has risen through the ranks and now remains open to explore as she uncovers new avenues on her stream, such as cosplaying, which she is now engaging in in public, and various other contents that she has unearthed on kumu.

“Kahit anong content pinapasok ko na. Grabe! [And] it all started in kumu,” she states with a sense of wonder and glee. Grateful to kumu for the venue that then pushed her to polish her content ideas and allowing her to experience what she has reached so far, Natalie Xynia is not slowing down anytime soon.

With her decision to detach and alter her trajectory early on, she has finally undergone what she calls as a complete metamorphosis; a multi-talented streamer who is poised to dominate the platform within and beyond her realm. Natalie Xynia is next.

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