Electric Youth: Enzo Amor is Next

In today’s world, the Internet, especially through social media, have almost effortlessly permeated through everyday life. It has stopped from being a part of it, into something that, to many, actually runs it.

Not just limited to entertainment, having access to digital platforms and building one’s online presence has its place in hobbies, relationships, and careers. Especially during the pandemic, people’s reliance on social media outlets has compounded, if not skyrocketed, given that everyone was stuck at home and unable to experience the outside world. 

Social media in particular for so long has served merely as a source for entertainment. But in recent years, more and more people are starting to use social media for exploring one’s options with their hobbies and interests and potentially turning them into a career. 

Cut-out hoodie, Proudrace. Top (worn underneath), Nina Amoncio, Trousers, Kelvin Morales.

With social media now holding more importance than ever, vertical video-sharing app TikTok has quickly been on its way to become the most popular and active social media platform over the recent years. The app has since become the go-to channel for a plethora of content creators where influence get instantaneously gauged and measured by likes and views, in hopes of sharing their creativity, build a following, and then creating a career. 

Alton Lorenzo Amor, to many, Enzo Amor, has started his TikTok journey by happenstance, at the onset of the pandemic. He has since managed to use the app as an avenue and opportunity for him to build a massive following that allowed him to pursue and explore his many hobbies and passions outside of his work. He soon found enjoyment and comfort in doing TikToks since this complemented his personality as is highlighted by his content.

“I started TikTok at the start of the pandemic, when Doja Cat was really popular. When my sister kind of dragged me to do a TikTok dance, and that was a Doja Cat dance. So, I had no idea what TikTok was before. And when I tried it with my sister, it was fun, it was just doing random things in front of a camera. And you just feel really comfortable with yourself,” he shares.

Photographed by Dix Perez.

While some might perceive that TikTok, or that of social media as a whole, is simply a place for people to post funny content aiming for many interactions and engagements, there’s no denying that the opportunities and influence that digital platforms have goes much deeper than what people normally see. In fact, a number of creators, much like Amor, have found multiple opportunities given to them from their prominence in their digital spaces and likewise have used this very influence to inspire and uplift their followers and audiences.

With close to 200k followers on the app, the 24 year-old has become one of the most recognizable faces on the social media platform, no small thanks to jumping on board a widely-popular e-commerce platform as a marketing analyst, where he also took his TikTok antics to even greater heights.

Soon enough, following his exit from said recent corporate job, Amor is looking to flex his creative muscles even more, with newfound boldness to take his passions more than as creative outlets but more into full-fledged careers be it modeling, fitness, and a wide breadth of content he is still fond of creating on TikTok or in his podcast channel where he loves talking about an interesting array of topics, from the mundane to philosophical, even.

Blazer and trousers, Edwin Tan. Eyewear, Ray Ban.

“I’m just planning to take time off corporate. I feel like realigning my principles and also doing things that I really want to do,” he expressed, feeling the desire to pursue something that is more fulfilling and that he enjoys doing, rather than continuing to do something that is expected of him just for the money.

He shares that he wants to go back to things that he used to enjoy doing before, such as gaming with friends and even fitness, back to a time when he worked as a fitness instructor back in Cebu.

“I’m planning to. That’s why I’m kind of exploring different gyms right now,” he shares. Since coming to Manila from Cebu, he says that he is very much interested in exploring different gyms and classes that would allow him to further develop his knowledge and expertise when it comes to health and fitness. 

Left: Mesh top, Proudrace. Right: Turtle-neck top, Uniqlo.

All of these interests, to him, lead to a more serious affair with content, from vlogging and even live-streaming, and eventually acting, as fueled by his appearances in a number of music videos and commercial gigs.

While Amor is best known for his TikTok content, he has also shown and proved that his personality and interests go beyond what people see with his online persona. In turn, his very public persona has also granted him an in on the many facets that make his individuality as an online personality and a human being within and outside his creative pursuits.

With his influence taking an upward trajectory and now that he has shared his plans moving forward, Amor is set out to show he is no one-trick, social media pony with a career that is marked not by chance but by smarts, passion, and a heart to create meaningful dialogues.

With additional text by Leo Balante

Produced, creative direction, styling, and interview by Leo Balante
Photography by Dix Perez
Grooming by Janica Cleto
Fashion by Nina Amoncio, Kelvin Morales, Proudrace, Edwin Tan
Cover video art and layout by Bhernn Saenz
Shot on location at Penthouse Studio