GUIDE: Quaranthings with these Kardashian Moms

In the face of the global pandemic, as social distancing becomes the new norm, some of your favorite celebrities joins the rest of the world from putting their normal lives to a halt, then trading their usual glitzy, star-studded lives to spend time at home with their loved ones.

Some of the most visible, recognizable names in the world of reality television and social media stratosphere, the Kardashians, as is expected, are no exception. If your quarantine fix is catching up on the chaotic but weirdly entertaining world of reality television, self-proclaimed or even the low-key, discreet ones (no judgment *wink*), like one of the most watched out for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this one’s for you. As you continue to binge, and “virtually pry” on their lives, these ladies will keep you updated on the thing that means most to them: family.

Kim and North

The firstborn of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is showing off some sass through incidental (or deliberate) appearances on her mother’s videos–from North crashing Kim’s recently uploaded vlog about her quarantine makeup routine, with the latter noting that she had to move to the guest bathroom just to film.

In a separate video serving as a PSA for social distancing, Kim had her daughter in tow, with snarky side comments about the importance of staying home. “You should be busy with your kids, not your friends,” the six-year old quipped in an instance.

Kylie and Stormi

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has always shown the comedic side of motherhood. While she bonds with her daughter in their new mansion, Kylie doesn’t hesitate to also post some of Stormi’s funny antics.

In a recent post, Kylie activates her mom mode as she carries her two-year-old to bed, while Stormi protests, saying “I’m not going!” in between chuckles. Kylie even showed how she herself related to her daughter, with the post, “a visual representation of how my friends are gonna have to drag me out the first party post quarantine.”

Khloe and True

True Thompson celebrated her second birthday on Easter Sunday. Since they couldn’t throw her a birthday bash known to the Kardasihans, surrounded by family and friends, Khloe and ex-beau Tristan still made sure to give their sweet daughter a celebration right at home.

The intimate party was decorated and planned by Khloe herself with combined elements from children’s pop culture favorites, Trolls and Sesame Street.

Kourtney and Penelope

Among all the Kardashian siblings, it is evident Kourtney is the most hands-on mom. For starters, on the show, she’s often late for tapings and family dinners because she makes sure to take care of her kids first. She even reminded KUWTK viewers that being a mom is also a job.

Just like most parents during this period, Kourtney uses this time to bond more with her three kids. In a recent Instagram story, she showed how her only daughter, Penelope, has been helping her with her new recipes in the kitchen.

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