Close Encounters with Tohi Ajdani and Jay Gonzaga

Tohi Ajdani and Jay Gonzaga are men women want to date and men want to imitate. We’ve heard this said one too many times, but we swear by this description in this case.

And why not? The two sure are lookers, but they go beyond their sigh-inducing bods to make them nothing less than ideal.

Ajdani, 24, has ventured in the world of modeling at a young age, while juggling his studies. He has walked runways, posed for print media, and appeared in television commercials. Recently, he has been dipping his feet into the science and art of fitness with his brother, male model Sam Ajdani, putting up a community of fitness experts.

“Fitness is not just about looking cool. Yes, as models, many are thinking that we live an easy life just by relying on what we look like. But you have to understand, there’s a science behind fitness.”

Gonzaga, 28, has been immersed in the world of theater and modeling before penetrating acting in mainstream media. The commercial model-turned-theater mainstay has long had an affair with acting on stage, starring in different roles like Orosman in the Fransisco Balagtas opus, “Orosman at Zafira”, “Maxie: The Musical”, down to his latest outing in “Hindi Ako si Darna”. On television, Gonzaga is currently being seen in the long-running series, Ang Probinsiyano.

“For me, being fit is beyond something you can show-off. It stopped being merely a badge I want people to notice. Now, it’s what the job requires. There are many roles that I need a lot of stamina and being fit is how I keep myself fueled to do what I love.”

Produced by Leo Balante
Photography by Advan Ramirez
Grooming by Jopie Sanchez
Shot on location at B Hotel, Quezon City



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