Alden Richards, Yassi Pressman, Matteo Guidicelli, Sam YG Talk about Health and Protection

Nowadays, everyday life is a battle. When you go out of the house to face external elements is opening you up to harm that you may not even notice you are allowing yourself to become vulnerable to. We face the stresses of the daily commute and traffic. Then there are environmental pollutants. We also need to face the harsh weather—you leave the house when it’s sunny and very hot and humid and an hour later, it’s raining heavily.

Watsons keeps you protected in any situation and weather condition. You can still look good, feel great in any weather and situation. In a social media campaign, the one-stop shop for everything health and wellness collected celebrity endorsers of a number of health and wellness brands to highlight the importance of cultivating an arsenal of products that help in keeping track of one’s hygiene, health, and wellness.

Event Host Karla Aguas, Alden Richards

Extreme weather, pollution and dirt can cause damage to your skin and hair. Stress can result in premature aging and skin conditions. Heavy rains and weather changes, meanwhile, can cause cough, colds, fever and other ailments like leptospirosis and skin diseases. It can also lower your immune system, a condition that could lead to serious diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Watsons has healthcare and wellness solutions from head to toe inside and out so you stay happy and healthy always.

At Watsons, you can get vitamins and supplements to boost your immune system and protect your body from environmental pollution. There are also over-the-counter medication for common ailments like the cold and weather-related allergies and also doctor-prescribed drugs more serious diseases. Watsons also has a complete lineup of items for your first aid kit and for any emergency.

Because cleanliness and good grooming are also important, Watsons also carries oral care, hair care, sanitary protection and grooming items for children, men and women. Skin care and beauty supplements protect your hair and skin from weather and environmental pollution.

Yassi Pressman and Matteo Guidicelli

Get everything you need during the rainy season with participating brands like Olay, Snailwhite, Neutrogena, Celeteque, Head N Shoulders, Palmolive, Nivea, Myra E, Fern C, Lola Remedios, Neozep, Strepsils, Gyne Pro, Listerine, PH Care, Swish, Bigen, Novuhair, Freshman, Bench, and Old Spice.

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