Here’s What We Know about the First Local Lesbian Digital Series–and it Goes Beyond Girls’ Love

Before becoming creators of the first-ever lesbian-centered digital series, Chasing Sunsets, Renz-Bhil Tugelida and Stephanie-Rose Quiros are, first and foremost, advocates for equality in the LGBTQIA+ community and awareness for mental health and HIV patients. This propelled the creative duo from north-based production house, Camp Avenue Studios, to elevate the discussion on the many issues involving the community–all in hopes of abolishing the pervading stigma and age-old stereotypes that concern the queer experience.

With the release of its first episode on Independence Day, June 12, Chasing Sunsets has set out to create a platform that leads the charge in tackling representation of every spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community in media–particularly the importance of affording the same visibility for lesbians, among other genders to people. Recently, with the fanfare and the unrelenting support shown to boys’ love series made famous by international titles that led to local counterparts, the series seeks to bring stories of the lesser known world of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Image courtesy of Camp Avenue Studios

More than the central issues depicted in the story of the series, Chasing Sunsets also sought to address misrepresentation of single parents in traditional and even in social media, with the conscious effort to shine a light on the real-life struggles and hardships of single parenthood.

Chasing Sunsets: The Series features Aura Dominique and Donna Erno in leading roles. The cast also includes John Kevin Patacsil, Rose Ann Pascua, and Marky Hora. The series is written by Stephanie Rose Quiros, who is clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The series is then directed by Renz-Bhil Tugelida.

Image courtesy of Camp Avenue Studios

Catch up on the first two episodes of the series below and visit the official YouTube page of Camp Avenue Studios for upcoming episodes.