Samsung introduces new refrigerator line for the Southeast Asian Market

Samsung, the global leader in technology and innovation, recently unveiled its new refrigerator line specifically made to cater to the Southeast Asian consumer’s needs. It highlights technology that increases storage capacity for different food items and, at the same time, lessens food preparation downtime.

Introducing the latest Bottom Mount Freezer (BMF), equipped with an advanced feature called the Optimal Fresh Zone. This new refrigerator model not only boasts premium-looking design and Digital Inverter Technology, it also enables Filipinos to maximize usage and capacity of their refrigerators.

Flexible cooling and convertible temperatures for optimum freshness

The new Samsung BMF comes with the Optimal Fresh Zone, a specialized compartment between the chiller and the bottom freezer. This compartment provides the ideal temperature for storing meat, fish, and poultry, keeping them fresh for longer without the need to “freeze” them.

This unique feature works by constantly blowing cool air to maintain a climate of -1°C, creating the best conditions for preserving food usually stored in the freezer while still keeping their texture and taste.

Due to this functionality, the BMF model now provides flexible storage as this compartment becomes an extended freezer space with the sub-zero temperature allowing consumers to store different products without having to go through the trouble of defrosting.

Additionally, food preparation has never been this quick. Busy parents do not need to wait for frozen foods to thaw for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. They can opt to store any meat or fish they plan to cook in the next three days in the Optimal Fresh Zone drawer, and freshness is guaranteed. Simply remove the food from the drawer and it’s ready for cooking right away.

The sub-zero temperature also makes the compartment ideal for storing beverages. In a perpetually warm country like the Philippines, drinks are filled with lots of ice to make them refreshing and extra cold. By storing beverages in the Optimal Fresh Zone, drinks are kept at extra cold temperature, at below zero, without freezing.

The Optimal Fresh Zone’s temperature can also be adjusted depending on the user’s storage needs. For instance, the cold can be turned down to create extra fridge space during family brunches or pot luck parties.


Ergonomic design matched by energy-efficient performance

From the bottom placement of the freezer to the Moveable Icemaker to pullout drawers, ease of use and practicality were top-of-mind considerations for the design of the new Samsung BMF model. This new model puts the fridge—the most used portion of the appliance—at eye level. Bending and hunching over to get items that are consumed every day is no longer an issue.

But the design innovation really comes from the freezer placement and interiors. How many times have consumers found themselves spending unnecessary time rummaging through their freezer to look for a certain meat or fish product? The new BMF is built with a Freezer Drawer that easily slides out to allow effortless access to food items at the back of the compartment.

Compared to a Top Mount Freezer, the BMF provides up to 25% more freezer space to fit and organize food items so everything is easier to find.

Its Moveable Icemaker, meanwhile, allows consumers to modify their freezer space even further.

As with all Samsung appliances, the new BMF makes an ideal upgrade or addition to the home with its sleek and premium design. A flat, clear-cut surface with recessed handles and an elegant silver tone creates a visually appealing appliance that easily and perfectly blends in modern interiors.

Truly designed for the Filipino market where electricity prices are high, this refrigerator is equipped with Digital Inverter Technology. It automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demands, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption and noise. It also comes with a Voltage Control, which protects the compressor from possible damages due to energy fluctuations effectively reducing wear and tear.

“As the innovative leader in digital appliances, we design products that do not only answer the needs that consumers know today but also provide them conveniences they don’t realize they need now,” says Mon Medina, Business Unit Head for Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation. “Remaining true to our brand philosophy, the new BMF model will hopefully encourage Filipinos to explore a different refrigerator experience and help them imagine the possibilities.”

The new Samsung BMF comes in two sizes, 10.9 cu ft at PHP 34,995 (SRP) and 9.9 cu ft at PHP 29,995 (SRP), and is available in all authorized Samsung dealers beginning this October.

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