The Cast of ‘Squid Game’ Gather Together in Sharp Suits to Play Charades

Charades in suits? We’re in!

Following the titanic success of the Korean drama series Squid Game on a dystopian tale of real-world capitalistic desperation, treachery, and deceit, the cast of characters who breathed life to what is now hailed as the most viewed global Netflix title (at 111 Million views) continue to make the world swoon in pure love and adoration. Yes, the hype isn’t waning anytime soon.

Better yet, Squid Game‘s immense popularity is one not hinged on a mere trend or global hype, but a lasting impact that the world will not be recovering from even as a new title would topple down the show off the streaming service’ most viewed lists.

Image courtesy of Netflix

In this video courtesy of The Swoon, Netflix’ official Korean titles content channel, shows the stars of the globally-successful series faced with yet another childhood favorite game: charades. This time, the only things on the line are gifts and yes, bragging rights.

Watch as Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-jun, and Jung Ho-yeon ditch the now-iconic Squid Game tracksuit with sharp suits as they try to act out clues with their whole hearts, bodies, and faces—no blood, sweat, or gloom in their faces while dressed to the nines.

If you haven’t yet, Squid Game is now streaming on Netflix.