We Can Do Something to Help our Brothers and Sisters Affected by the Typhoon: Donate and Strive for Change

Tropical storm Goni, locally known as Rolly, made landfall in the Philippines early in the morning on November 1, when most Filipinos were either fast asleep or waiting for the worst to come. Predicted as the strongest tropical cyclone the planet saw in 2020, many people around the world were understandably deeply concerned about the fate of our countrymen in regions most vulnerable to strong winds and high floods.

As many citizens were left without a semblance of a leader at this crucial time, the devastation that Rolly left was almost inevitable—with thousands of establishments reduced to plywood and rubble, families with nowhere to go to to start anew, and a death toll continuously rising each day.

Not long after, with people not even close to recovering after the wrath of Rolly, Typhoon Ulysses then battered the nation anew, leaving at least two people dead and its damages to low-lying areas unimaginable–the worst flooding seen in years.

As with any calamity that hits the country, it seems that the only thing we can do to help those affected is donate. It’s a bittersweet feeling, to have the privilege to share our resources, but also know that all these don’t amount to much compared to what so many people have lost: generational homes, the remnants of loved ones, and other worldly objects we all need to get by.

It also frankly sucks that all our efforts only come in after the deed has been done, with seemingly no known way to prevent the disasters from happening in the first place. It’s a pattern we cannot seem to get out of.

Without the support of the government and major corporate players to figure out how we can lessen our damages to the environment, as well as prepare efficiently for these situations, this will definitely not be the last time we’ll see entire regions go under water.

Now, though, despite how virtually insignificant donating feels in the bigger picture because of everything else Filipinos have lost, it’s still the one thing we can do to make sure those affected have the means to restart and live one day at a time.

To make sure these families get the support they need, here’s a list of donation drives from trusted organizations and citizen-led initiatives to check out:

Kaya Natin! Movement


Kids for Kids PH


Pawssion Project


Kalinga sa Panahon ng Pandemya



Bicol-focused drives


Caring Neighbors Donation Drive




Sagip Kapamilya

Quarantine Tribute Tips


Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines

Story updated: November 12, 2020

This story will be updated with new donation drives initiated by organizations and citizens.