Nadine Lustre’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Era has Just Turned One—And There’s Still No Getting Over It

MANILA, Philippines—”One lap around the sun”. Just last October, in 2020, in the midst of an uncertain time, Nadine Lustre blessed us with her acclaimed and widely-received debut album, which set off a bustling year of projects to go with her R&B electronic-pop sound and dreamy visuals. Fast forward to today, the “President’s” “Wildest Dreams” album has just hit its one-year mark and home label, Careless Music takes a trip down memory lane to revisit this wild adventure.

The year-long campaign kicked off with the release of Nadine’s Wildest Dreams single on October 16, 2020, which served as the title track of the album released 15 days after. The album launch turned then snowballed into a slew of projects to include a visual album, live performances, video podcasts, exclusive merchandise, her first solo concert, live streams, the Wildest Dreams Come True benefit program, and a myriad of so much more engagements and fascinating content.

Aside from marking the artist’s solo debut in the music scene, “Wildest Dreams” has proven to be groundbreaking in more ways than one. The visual album, which introduced a new approach to music promotions in the local entertainment industry, brought six well-thought out and very visually-alluring music videos that come together as one short film.

It boasts surreal imagery that portray Lustre in different narratives inspired by her personal revelations, self-reflections, along with nods to Philippine folklore, and the mysteries of the universe. Not only did it highlight the multimedia queen’s unique artistic identity, but also the talents of Filipino creatives who worked on the project. Since then, the album and its visuals have inspired other artists to think outside the norm in expressing their craft.

Not long after, the Absolute Madness Concert, which aired on July 3, 2021, was commended for taking a creative leap that hasn’t been done before. It is most noted for being an extensive collaboration between Careless Music, the artist herself, Director Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, and other local creatives to bring theatrical components into a grand concert stage.

The Wildest Dreams Come True benefit program, in partnership with non-profit organization Young Focus who champions children’s education, exhibits Nadine’s way of giving back to the community during hard times.

To commemorate the success of this campaign on its anniversary, Careless Music has prepared a week-long celebration that just wrapped up last October 16 to 23. A calendar of activities on their social media platforms was put together to recognize and give thanks to both the people who have made all of this possible, as well as the fans who have supported Nadine throughout the entire journey. The week begins with posting challenges that provide fans one last chance to win exclusive merchandise from the concert.

On the Twitter platform, bundles of unreleased photos have been published all throughout the week to give viewers one last look into the Wildest Dreams universe. The celebration then culminates with a full recap video of the Wildest Dreams campaign which will air on the Careless Music Youtube channel.

Revisit the festivities and catch the entire Wildest Dreams Anniversary Celebration by following Careless Music’s and Nadine Lustre’s social media platforms.