Nadine Lustre Blesses Us with New, Raw, Introspective Track in “Wait for Me”

MANILA, Philippines—Multi-awarded multimedia royalty and Careless Music artist Nadine Lustre greets her birthday weekend with a fresh new song that bridges the gap between her last release off her “Wildest Dreams” era. “Wait For Me,” which dropped midnight of October 29, 2021 together with a lyric video on Youtube that serves as a solemn pop-RnB track that sings of the lamentations of letting go after a breakup.

The track highly contrasts Lustre’s now-iconic “Wildest Dreams” album of 2020, which Careless Music threw an anniversary celebration for to close the campaign. But while that wild universe was built around vivid dreams, surrealist images, and experimental genres, the actress-turned-musician drifts back into the real world with “Wait For Me” to boldly face her emotions and realizations head on. This track cuts through the ambiguity as it clearly tackles the real-life experience of separating from a lover and introspects on what it means to forge her own path.

Image courtesy of Careless Music

Her distinct, dreamy vocals highlight the fresh release song as it sits on top of a melancholic tune by Los Angeles producer Sweater Beats. She also worked with songwriters from there to come up with lyrics that resonate with her and what she has gone through. With collaboration empowering her artistry, Lustre enjoyed this process of working with other people to breathe life into their art.

Coming from an extensive background in the entertainment industry that began when she was just 7 years old, Lustre has flourished over the years as an artist of diverse avenues: acting, music, creative direction, and many more. For the duration of this year, she chose to focus on growing her musical flair with “Wait For Me” capping off this journey.

The end result then is a song that shows yet another side of Lustre that no one has seen—nor heard of— before. “Wait for Me” also punctuates this current chapter of her life before embarking on another as she revisits her love for film projects because from here, she is set to take a short hiatus from music to shoot her next movie.

Image courtesy of Careless Music

Much like the “Wildest Dreams” visual album, Director Dominic Bekaert of Zoopraxi Studios, produced an effortless-but-still-sophisticated black and white visual treat that underlines the artist’s raw emotions to personify the poignant message of the song. With this, Lustre hosts a session on Twitter Space that is timed with the premiere of the music video to join her fans for a quick chat before and after the premiere. To top it all off, the release includes her guesting on some podcasts that range from a variety of topics, and will finish big by the end of November with Nadine’s live performance rendition of the track.

Listen to Nadine Lustre’s “Wait For Me,” out now on all streaming platforms and check out the Careless Music Youtube channel for all official videos. Keep an eye out for more content & activities tied to this release by following Careless Music and Lustre on all social media platforms.

Album art courtesy of Careless Music

Watch the official music video here: