Nadine Lustre, Master Dreamweaver, is About to Drop Her Audio and Visual Album—Can We Ever Be Ready?

Fans of Halloween queen Nadine Lustre are all hyped up and ready for the upcoming full release of the artist’s debut album, “Wildest Dreams”, tomorrow, October 31—aptly on her 27th birthday. On top of the excitement from getting 12 new tracks at midnight tonight, the record had everyone eagerly anticipating the visual album set to accompany the songs. And it’s looking to be a wild ride, people.

The 30-minute film was revealed to include 6 numbers from the list, with stories for each music video that intertwine with one another following the artist’s personal journey of love, discovery, and moving on–marking this her most personal project to date. Fans are looking forward to seeing a different side to Lustre, with music written by her depicting a very raw and intimate picture of her own stories and experiences.

Portrait via Careless Music Manila, Facebook

Working closely with the indie record label CARELESS Music Manila, which is founded by James Reid and Bret Jackson (KINGwAW), the artists involved have dropped hints at the album’s unique sound and what it contains, inspired by many of the multi-awarded musician, actress, and now, full-fledged musician.

The title track, “Wildest Dreams,” was initially released on October 16, to tease us of the aural adventure that is set to unravel on the upcoming full album release. And if it’s any indication of how good the rest of the album is going to be, we can definitely up our expectations and look forward to even more good music from the artist.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Industries

An ethereal Nadine also captures viewers’ attention in the Wildest Dreams visual album trailer, to be streamed simultaneously on the ABS-CBN Entertainment and Careless YouTube channels on October 31, 9PM.

The trailer takes on a mix between animation and live-action recording, but what is even more intriguing about the film is the narration accompanying it: “Mas marami pa tayong alam tungkol sa ating paligid at sa uniberso, at kung gusto mong mahanap ang iyong perlas, sumisid sa mapanganib na dagat. Kailangan mong mahulog upang bumangon ulit.” (We know more about the universe around us than we do the depths of our oceans. If you want to find the pearls.. Dive.. into the dangerous sea. One must fall in order to rise again.)

With this powerful voice, and the scenes that play out throughout the trailer, the visual album is definitely looking out to be a thrilling ride full of sass, rawness, and soul.

The tracks in this record promises a range of themes that are very close to Nadine’s heart, including a song she wrote for her late brother, and an intimate look into her journey of learning to love herself.

See the full track-list below:

Dance with Danger




Complicated Love

Save a Place

You Can Stay


White Rabbit


Grey Skies

Wildest Dreams

While we’re all waiting, keep the title track on repeat and steady until we get the full album at midnight:

With additional text by Leo Balante