These Male Influencers are Curating a Complete Lifestyle Guide for Modern Men

Style is not just about the clothes you wear, or the latest shoe collab you copped. These days, living in style encompasses who you are as a whole – the restaurants you dine in, the events you go to, the spots you frequent – because part of being stylish in the modern era is knowing what complements you and makes you the best version of yourself.

The four different Axe Recommends products at the event’s grooming station.

Axe, the number 1 male fragrance brand in the world, understands this and wants to elevate every man’s overall style with the launch of the new Axe Recommends, the modern guy’s guide to all things lifestyle.

To curate this guide, Axe partnered with purveyors in food, style, and experiences – namely, food guide app Zomato, men’s publication Esquire and transport app Grab. With Zomato, the go-to for anything food, guys can discover the hippest and hottest locations for the best gastronomical experiences in the metro. With Esquire, the most popular lifestyle guide for the thinking man, they can learn different styling tricks that can elevate their look and wardrobe. And lastly with Grab, being a trusted gateway to a variety of experiences, they can amp up their game by exploring the hidden gems of the city and earn Grab credits while doing it.

Apples Aberin, Unilever’s Head of PR

“We believe that the modern gentleman deserves the best in order to live the best version of themselves. This is the very reason that we have specially curated the overall lifestyle guide that would equip men with the right knowledge and know-how to inspire them in living their lives in style. We did not just seek to collaborate with key partners but who better give out recommendations but fellow men,” shares Axe Philippines Brand Manager, Von Cruz.

Von Cruz, Axe Philippines’ Brand Manager

Along with these partners, Axe also launched their newest set of Axe Men: Wil Dasovich, Donny Pangilinan, Alexander Diaz and Vince Vandorpe. The new Axe men exude distinct looks and personalities, and perfectly demonstrate how a holistic approach – expanded taste palettes, the right fit, and one of a kind experiences – can add great panache to one’s personality and style.

Vince Vandorpe
Alexander Diaz

Whatever kind of style you have: laidback, sporty or flashy, Axe Recommends has got you covered, connecting you with the best fragrances, food, style, and experiences to bring out the best version of you.

Wil Dasovich
Donny Pangilinan

For the complete Axe Recommends guide, with fresh recommendations released every month, on the Axe Philippines Facebook page (, and Instagram Account (@Axe_Recommends).