These Topnotch Lunchboxes Change the Way You Prep Food On-the-Go

Change the way you eat lunch each and every day with the Vaya Tyffyn lunchboxes! Now available in the Philippines, the Vaya Tyffyn was designed by a team of highly seasoned professionals all across the globe. Vaya seeks to improve the way people take food on the go with a product that is stylish, durable, and travel-friendly.

Vaya Tyffyn Silver

Lunchboxes as a Way of Life for All Generations
In the Philippines, the lunchbox brings up memories of childhood and meals that end up cold and runny; edible, but not quite as satisfying as it could be. At its worst, the food inside can spoil before consumption.

The practice of carrying a lunchbox often continues into adulthood, with many taking a packed lunch to work in order to enjoy a healthier and fresher meal. Yet, despite the efforts at re-heating food, lunches never taste as fresh as it should be.

Vaya Tyffyn Green

A Lunchbox Full of Innovation
Enter: the Vaya Tyffyn. The design defies the conventional approach to pre-packed meals by providing consumers with the option to pack a multi-course meal every day instead of the typical combination of rice and a main dish.

Vaya Tyffyn is a truly unique lunchbox with key features that make it a remarkable choice from its collapsible handle, Vaya’s proprietary Vacutherm Insulation technology that keeps your food hot or cold for 6 hours, a sleek, stainless steel body that easily fits in your bag, leak-resistant lids with integrated gaskets, partitions that can carry more than one dish in each container, heat-protective finger grips, replaceable copper-finished, polished-stainless steel container, and stainless steel pressurizing latches.

The Vaya Tyffyn comes in three different sizes for all appetites; 600ml (two containers), 1,000ml (three containers), 1,300ml (four containers).

Vaya Tyffyn Black

A New Approach to Meal Prep
Whether it’s a quick lunch at the office or a day-trip with your friends, the Vaya Tyffyn is sure to become a staple in your life. Safe, sleek, and sustainable, the Tyffyn ensures your food stays fresh and warm; ready to enjoy at your own convenience. Experience a new and exciting world of freshness with Vaya.

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