Here’s How Spotify Vows to Spotlight Queer Voices All Year Round

MANILA, Philippines—Global entertainment platform Spotify unveils its all-new GLOW Hub, a dedicated space that celebrates LGBTQIA+ artists and creators, with a commitment to providing space for the community not just in June but all year long.

The Hub showcases a rich trove of music and podcast content that spotlights LGBTQIA+ voices worldwide, including the Philippines’ very own. GLOW is Spotify’s global equity program that ensures year-round recognition of queer artists and their contributions to music and culture.

To kick off the year-round Pride celebration, Spotify turns up the volume of the talented Filipino creators in the GLOW Hub. It features a special Bahaghari playlist powered by talented voices like Paul Pablo, Jason Dhakal, Jake Zyrus, as well as icons like Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa.

Paul Pablo. Image courtesy of Spotify Philippines.

Dom Guyot. Image courtesy of Spotify Philippines.

Sassa Gurl. Image courtesy of Spotify Philippines.

Jaz Reyes. Image courtesy of Spotify Philippines.

Of note, Spotify has also collaborated with LGBTQIA+ creators and allies to launch LGBTQIA+ voices 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️, a destination for listeners to tune in to leading creators from Queerfully Yours, BEKENEMEN, Kwarto Chronicles, Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, and The Sexytime Podcast that highlights the queer community and topics such as allyship.

At the Spotify GLOW launch, Spotify’s GLOW x PRIDE Southeast Asia ambassador  Marina Summers discussed the importance of increasing visibility for LGBTQIA+ artists, “Amplifying underrepresented queer voices throughout the year is important. Platforms like Spotify enables listeners to discover and support these diverse talents who use their art form and music to express their identity. I am honored to be one of the first few queens in the Philippines to put out my music, and I hope this inspires a new generation of queer artists who are free to be and express who they are.”

Image courtesy of Spotify Philippines.

Co-Creators of Queerfully Yours Podcast Richard Remorta and Warren Daniel Osinaga, popularly known as Chardie B and Poca, also shared, “We are passionate about creating a safe space for our listeners where they can find answers to questions they may be afraid to ask,” Chardie B said. “We are seeing how our podcast offers companionship, affirmation, and a reminder to our community members and allies that we are not alone in our journeys. This energizes us to continue creating more content for them,” Poca added.

The captivating performances by queens Viñas DeLuxe and Marina Summers brought GLOW to life and enthralled Spotify’s LGBTQIA+ friends and allies with their show-stopping acts, made extra powerful with their recent releases off major recording label, Tarsier Records.

Image courtesy of Spotify Philippines.

Spotify recognizes the profound influence of the LGBTQIA+ community on music and culture, and harnesses its commitment to creating a platform where everyone is Free To Be, no matter who they are, where they live, or what communities they belong to.

Head on to the GLOW Hub today and celebrate Pride year-round.