This Revolutionary First is Shaping Up to be the Underarm Holy Grail

Dove, the thought leader in beauty, unveiled today what could be your Underarm Holy Grail, NEW Dove Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serum.

In a media event attended by beauty journalists and lifestyle influencers, the first-ever deodorant dry serum was proudly introduced, clinically proven to renew underarm skin up to 20 layers deep.

An innovative serum format that dries instantly, Dove Deo Dry Serum is formulated with premium beauty ingredients of collagen boosters and activated vitamins, giving you intensely beautiful and more even-toned underarms.

“Dove understands that searching for an underarm product that will truly solve your concerns can be next to impossible. In fact, very few products will actually go deep to the root of the problem to give lasting, substantial results. The Dove Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serums are our best yet in its category. Not only does the serum dry instantly, with its superior formula of collagen booster & active vitamins, it goes the extra mile to remove dark marks and prevent them from returning. It goes deep into the skin, intensely renewing your underarm skin,” explains Von Cruz, Unilever, Brand Manager for Dove Deodorant.

Unilever Deos R&D Aira Castaneda and Dove Philippines Brand Manager Von Cruz

This revolutionary offering is made up of a mixture of beauty ingredients: namely Collagen, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E & Omega 6, all of which contribute in intensely renewing underarm skin through moisturization and reduction of dark marks which ultimately results in smoother, more even-toned underarms.

Collagen is known to give the skin elasticity, making it firmer & younger-looking. Vitamin B3 is an essential nutrient known to reduce dark marks formation on skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant known to protect cells from environmental aggressors/stressors, and is often used to promote smooth, hydrated skin, while helping to reduce appearance of pores and scars. While, Omega 6, also known as Vitamin F, is rich in essential fatty acids that help speed up skin regeneration and shed off dead skin cells to reveal soft and smooth skin.

The Dove Intensive Renew Deo Dry Serum range is in a whole new innovative serum format, which not only dries 2x faster than your regular roll-on, but was also specially designed to tackle underarm darkening deep within. Underarm darkening is an inconvenient and recurring concern among Filipino women.

Every time you shave or pluck your underarm hair, your skin gets damaged. Your skin reacts by producing extra pigment called melanin forming deep within that creates visible dark marks when reaching the skin surface. A Serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin, and that’s why a serum format is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients.

Packaged in attractive tubes with dome heads for easy & direct application to the underarm, Dove Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serum comes in three variants, each clinically proven to accelerate skin renewal to expertly address different concerns of underarm skin.

Intensive Renew Collagen + Vitamin B3, which removes underarm dark marks and prevents them from coming back for naturally beautiful, even-toned underarms. Intensive Renew Collagen + Vitamin E, which minimizes underarm pores and blemishes for naturally smooth underarms that look pore-less. And the Intensive Renew Collagen + Omega 6, which smoothens and firms up underarm skin for naturally smooth and firm underarms.

The revolutionary new Dove Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serums are available at all leading supermarkets, department stores, drugstores, and e-retailer sites nationwide, at Php145.00 SRP.

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