To Infinity and Beyond: A Glowing Night with the World’s Number 1 Vape

MANILA, Philippines—The night of the launch of the new Infinity Plus, off RELX’s latest product slate, you set foot in a venue that pretty much serves as a testament to how the country’s leading vaping brand, go above and beyond.

With futuristic-looking Pod Girls welcoming you and a space dressed in neon lights and grand installations, the set up made for an engaging preview of what the brand’s latest iteration promises—sleek and high-powered.

In a night of food, drinks, music, and goodies, RELX Philippines releases the RELX Infinity Plus in a launch event in Makati. Images courtesy of RELX Philippines.

Making the evening an exceptional one, free engraving services were also available for attendees who wanted to personalize their devices, neon accessories for those who want to elevate their lit look, and a light booth for those who want to immortalize the night.

The whole place was backdropped by the funky beats of Manila sound by Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas, along with the sublime vocal prowess of homegrown diva, Nina, and topped it off with the electric mixes from Butta B.  

Nina performs at the RELX Infinity Plus launch event. Images courtesy of RELX Philippines.

RELX Infinity Plus

Photographed by Bhernn Saenz.

To bring the star of the evening, RELX takes pride in its new device, bannering improved technology and capabilities from its prior devices, smoking up competition and living up to expectations as the top vape brand in the Philippines, with devices and e-liquids that meet international best-in-class standards.

One look at the new release RELX Infinity Plus makes for an enticing buy with its sleek, uncompromising package the brand has been known for. Even without seeing its features, you can tell it is a high-quality product by its timeless yet upmarket appearance.

Low battery life shouldn’t ruin the delight of bonding with friends, going on a trip with the family, or going on a three-hour movie date with your significant other. RELX Infinity Plus boasts of a 380mAH power consumption that enables its users to puff 400 times when completely charged and 11 leak-resistant maze design, so no one will be left out and you can spend your day worry-free.

RELX Philippines representative ushering in the reveal of the latest RELX Infinity Plus. Image courtesy of RELX Philippines.

You don’t need to stress out if your device has a low battery with RELX Infinity Plus because of its new power indicator lights that allow for its users to know how much battery life is left in their device. But it doesn’t stop there; it also powers a cutting-edge quick charging, which enables you to charge up to 80% after only viewing a 30-minute vlog of your favorite content creator or getting ready for a night out.

All of these amplify the brand’s superiority and market dominance, running on the RELX Super Smooth™ Technology at its core, the same high-technology performance standard that  is built in on all of the brand’s product roster designed for a smooth sensation.

Photographed by Bhernn Saenz.

RELX Infinity Plus will also not let you down in terms of style, as it comes in six new trendy palettes to up your fashion game from Black Phantom (black), Lunar Dust (silver), Hidden Pearl (luminous white), Very Peri (lavender), Rising Tide (blue), and Pink Whisper (pink). Two limited- edition colors for the holidays, Enchanted Jungle (green), and Solar Burst (orange), are already planned to be added to the collection.

With certainty, the RELX Infinity Plus is a handy and ideal device that every vaper should cop and own. Its features that were convenient for you from the first to the final puff made it unique, not to mention a design that is clearly superior to other brands that  make this a lightweight heavy-hitter. Grab your own RELX Infinity Plus device at its introductory price of Php 1,000.

For the finest vaping experience, authorized RELX products can be bought in Official RELX stores and Authorized Resellers. These can also be ordered through their website

Images courtesy of RELX Philippines.

With additional text by Leo Balante

Key indicators of authentic RELX products include Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Department of Health-approved Graphic Health Warnings, and being sold at their new Standard Retail Price (SRP). Check if your RELX product is authentic by scanning the QR code directly on the pod or typing the 14-digit serial code on the device by going to