Here’s Why You are Hotter When You’re Chill

In many cases, standing out can get a bit taxing. In today’s “standards” of making an impact, people go through great lengths in an attempt to stand out–and guys are no exception.

In fact, some guys even go overboard just to try to stand out and get others to notice them. But we all know that the first sign of showing off or trying too hard to fit in, more often than not, turns people away. The reality is that when we are our most relaxed and authentic selves, we attract more people and leave lasting impressions.

Axe, the world’s #1 male fragrance brand, wants guys to chill out and bring out the best versions of themselves. So this year, Axe is launching their newest, freshest, and chillest fragrance: Axe Ice Chill.

In an event attended by influencers, media, and celebrities, the men’s self-care brand has introduced the latest in its roster of products, one with its mission of dishing out life and style guides for the modern gentleman.

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Dubbed as its freshest, yet, the new Axe Ice Chill features a fresh scent coming from its natural watery notes, enhanced by frozen mint and lemon to invigorate and awaken your senses. Not only does it smell good, but it also literally keeps you cool by lowering your body temperature by up to 11 degrees, leaving you seriously chill.

Von Cruz, Axe Philippines’ Brand Manager; and Cara Favila, Unilever Philippines’ Marketing Director for Oral Care and Deos

“The new Axe Ice Chill is our freshest fragrance yet, and it serves as an invitation to guys to just chill out and stay authentic to themselves,” says Von Cruz, Axe Philippines Brand Manager. “We want to remind guys that you’re hotter when you’re chill.”

To launch its newest fragrance and campaign, Axe once again hosted one of its signature parties, an Axe Chill Night. Held at the One Bonifacio Parking Lot, the event immersed guests in a stream of red and blue lights, with performances and DJ sets by Curtismith and CRWN, Dante & Amigo, Some Guy, and OKIK. Attendees tried out the new Axe Ice Chill, and experienced how to chill out with its interactive installations and arcade games.

Feel your freshest and be at your chillest with the new Axe Ice Chill, because you know, you’re hotter when you’re chill.

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Banner image: Bhernn Saenz