Advisory: McDonald’s Philippines, Through GADC, Releases Response Fund for COVID-19

In light of the air of uncertainty seemingly blanketing the country and the world, brought by the worsening cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, Golden Arches Development Corporation, behind McDonald’s Philippines, majority of which is owned and operated by Dr. George T. Yang, has recently announced the release of a response fund of P500 million pesos dedicated to enable the company to provide assistance for its employees and the communities it serves.

As such, for company employees, the fund covers:

  • restaurant crew and managers whether they are unable to come to work or not, and head office employees’ salaries to be released for the period of the quarantine;
  • a special premium pay package will be provided for crew and managers who are able to come to work in selected stores that remain open to serve the community in enhanced quarantine areas; and
  • special benefits like provision of care kits (face masks, alcohol and vitamins) to ensure employee safety in the workplace as well as provisions for premium pay.

For communities, the fund covers food set to be donated to frontliners like medical health workers, LGU workers, NGO volunteers, and the marginalized sector who are challenged to have access to food during this time.

According to McDonald’s Philippines Chairman and Founder Dr. George Yang, “Amidst any crisis, people must come first; we do what we can to ensure their welfare. We also have a responsibility to our partners to ensure that they can continue doing business and be able to care for their own people. Finally, as a Filipino company, we have a duty to be a partner of the government in serving the public in whatever way we can.”