Heart Evangelista is Now a Fashion House Creative Director

Heart Evangelista-Escudero, the host, actress-turned fashion icon and social media influencer has definitely widened the reach of her celebrity when she has officially joined a deeper collaboration with homegrown fashion brand, Kamiseta, as its Creative Director.

Photo by Calvin Cardenas

Following their collaboration for LM x Kamiseta in 2018, they have chosen to deepen their partnership by giving Evangelista the Creative Director’s role. In an intimate but well-attended gathering Evangelista and Kamiseta unveiled designs on items she has personally been on top off from skirts, dresses, scarves, pouches, even notebooks, scented candles, and hand soaps.


In a post, she wrote, “You all know that Kamiseta is a brand that’s close to my heart. 💘 I had the best time collaborating with them for #LMxKamiseta last year. 🌼 Well, today, I have a huge announcement – I am going to be @kamisetaph’s creative director! I’m so overjoyed to be part of this family. ”

Photo by Calvin Cardenas

“Today’s a very special day because, of course, we are coming out with the next collection of LM x Kamiseta. And they are announcing me as Creative Director, which is such a big deal for me,” Evangelista told Rank. “I’ve always wanted to be part of something like this and to be officially part of the Kamiseta family–to be on top of the look and the designs is just the ultimate dream goals for me.”

She adds, “I am so happy that there’s so many people here. And just seeing the material, our pouches, our dresses, it’s just overwhelming because I’ve really worked hard on these paintings. And to see it developing into this is just amazing.”

Photo by Calvin Cardenas

The big announcement came with Evangelista showing off the new collection of her art pieces, Love Marie, turned into wearable designs, available in stores nationwide.





Cris Roque, Kamiseta owner and manager shared about this partnership, “We waited for a year for this to come into fruition. But after that, when we got her, we really jived well because whatever she wanted, Kamiseta was able to pull off and then whatever we wanted, is also what she wanted, actually.”

She continued about the partnership, “We plan this for a really long term with Heart because we’re talking about so many other things–so many other exciting things. The beautiful thing about it is  to see a Filipino fashion icon and a Filipino brand, so I really feel it’s a good match.”

“The collaboration is really one of a kind. I am very hands on and Ms. Cris is also on a roll. We work fast and we have really met eye to eye for this kind of partnership. And I really wanted to make sure that we come out with designs that women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy,” Evangelista noted. 

This isn’t the first time that Evangelista has crossed over the world of fashion with her inimitable sense of style but also her art pieces that have been getting much attention. In the past, she has made beautiful art on luxury handbags until she went on to become the very first Filipina ambassador of Sequioa Paris with the release of the Heart bag, along with a jewelry line collaboration for Royal Gem.