TIP: Here’s Where You Can Grab an Affordable but Filling Breakfast On-The-Go

Finding yourself always on the rush but wanting rice for breakfast? McDonald’s offers an addition to its Breakfast McSavers, with the new Cheesy Omelette Bowl, perfect for those looking for on-the-go, affordable, and delicious morning treats!

The Cheesy Omelette Bowl is a fluffy folded egg omelette, filled with melted cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon bits and juicy mushroom slices, served on top of garlic rice.

The new Cheesy Omelette Bowl is set out to be a popular breakfast favorite, with the familiar and favorite Pinoy breakfast staples of egg and garlic rice to satisfy your morning cravings.Think, a cheesy omelette filled with crumbled bacon bits and juicy mushroom slices on a bed of garlic rice. Because it comes in a bowl, it’s perfect for eating your breakfast with no hassle at all — whether you’re in the car stuck in traffic, waiting in the long line to ride the shuttle, or simply just waiting in between hours for your next meeting.

The new Cheesy Omelette Bowl is now available nationwide in McDonald’s stores serving breakfast. You can also have it via Dine-In, Take Out, Drive-Thru, or McDelivery using www.mcdelivery.com.ph or the McDo PH app.

Grab McDonald’s Cheesy Omelette Bowl for only P50 ala carte. This is also available as a meal with McCafé Premium Roast Coffee. Enjoy other delicious McDonald’s Breakfast McSavers like the 2-pc Hotcakes (P50), Cheesy Eggdesal (P39) and McCafé Premium Roast Coffee (P29).

Prices may vary in select stores.Share your Cheesy Omelette Bowl experience and visit McDonald’s Facebook page (fb.com/McDo.ph) and @mcdo_ph on Instagram and Twitter.