Awaken Your Senses with a Cup of Coffee and Shared Experiences in this Espresso Bar in Kapitolyo

PASIG CITY, Philippines—As their name implies, Stay Up Espresso Bar will stay you up till the very last sip of coffee. This cafe-bar branch, which had its humble beginnings as a small neighborhood cafe in Las Pinas, expanded to Katipunan to provide students grab-and-go coffee blends and beverages. They offer a pleasant, welcoming environment for everyone at 16 United Street, nestled right in Kapitolyo.

This pet-friendly cafe’s management team has put together a number of themed nights that are likely to pique the interest of guests with a wide range of personalities and interests, making the space more than just a cafe but a haven for shared experiences.

Images courtesy of Stay Up Espresso Bar

Images courtesy of Stay Up Espresso Bar

To set itself apart from the typical coffee shop, Stay Up Espresso Bar offers the fun cafe concept of themed events including tarot readings, ’80s nights, stand-up comedy, drag shows, and more, all to keep you and your favorite coffee drink company. Coffee is not just for sustenance but an agent for sensorial experiences.

The espresso bar takes pride in best sellers, from the No Sleep Spanish Latte, Psycho Flip Breve Drink, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Revel Bar.

Images courtesy of Stay Up Espresso Bar

In a recently-held introduction to lifestyle media, Stay Up Espresso Bar gathered top names in drag, on the heels of the fan frenzy over the just wrapped up first season of Drag Race Philippines, where grand winner Precious Paula Nicole, made a show-stopping entrance (literally), as she pranced the street in Kapitolyo to the tune of RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk” leading to the bar.

Precious Paula Nicole. Images courtesy of Stay Up Espresso Bar.

Before her, Drag Race PH favorites, Eva Le Queen and Brigiding, made mid-number surprises when they made the experience as “immersive” as it can be, joining the crowd outside the bar, to the point of serving as singing traffic enforcers for the entirety of the number.

Viñas Deluxe joined the event, stripping her beloved “Misis” persona for the afternoon’s Beyonce while Marina Summers, Lady Morgana, and drag artist Myx Chanel all gave heart-stopping numbers from spoken word lip synchs to death drops.

Viñas Deluxe. Images courtesy of Stay Up Espresso Bar.

Brigiding. Images courtesy of Stay Up Espresso Bar.

Images courtesy of Stay Up Espresso Bar

With incredible performances by up-and-coming drag queens three times a week, your brunches, afternoons, and evenings will never be dull and will be overflowing with vibrancy and sheer delight.

With additional text from Leo Balante