Bask in this Tasty Local Modern Twist on National Banana Pudding Day

The world-famous Magnolia Bakery, more commercially known here as M Bakery, is celebrating its first year in the country–bringing with it a long-standing tradition of bringing in decadent dessert treats to its growing clientele.

In a span of a year in its Manila crossover, premier dessert destination, which traces its roots in New York, stayed true to its ethos of upholding its brand tradition of housing iconic desserts loved by New Yorkers, now given a local twist. This is greatly characterized by the infusion of elevated local favorites like the Calamansi Cheesecake and Calamansi Ice Box Bar, and its Ube cake and cupcake.

Following this instant hits, M Bakery takes its iconic banana pudding dessert to greater heights with an all-new, limited time offer, its Choc Nut Banana Pudding–readily available starting today, August 21, 2019.

The limited edition Choc-Nut Banana Pudding now available at M Bakery in One Bonifacio High Street Mall.

The infusion of a local staple to a global favorite brings a nostalgic twist to an already-iconic fare. The partnership with Choc-Nut, a famous, homegrown peanut candy is said to be a reminder of a timeless Filipino classic.

“We are very excited to bring together two iconic flavors resulting to a special dessert that is not just tasty, but is also representative of our culture. The taste of Choc Nut offers a flavor that is distinctly Pinoy–bringing back childhood memories,” shares Stewart Ong, Franchise Partner of M Bakery.

Ong tells Rank Magazine, “We wanted to perfect the taste so as to make it a special anniversary offer. We took our time in balancing its level of sweetness for it to be enjoyed by everyone.”

Launched today on its first National Banana Pudding Day, M Bakery is also running an exclusive promo for every customers. Every customer who purchases any size of the Choc Nut Banana Pudding today, will be entitled to join a raffle draw where five (5) lucky winners will each get a complimentary one-year supply of M Bakery’s Famous Classic Banana Pudding.

Enjoy the National Banana Pudding Day at the Lower Ground of One Bonifacio High Street Mall. For more information, visit M Bakery’s official Facebook page at and on Instagram and Twitter @mbakery_ph.