Dickies Delivers Iconic Silhouettes in Fall/Winter Collection

MANILA, Philippines—Since its well-received relaunch, Dickies Philippines has continued its commitment in bringing its almost 100-year workwear heritage and independent makers spirit to Filipinos by driving the culture of creating and making with passion, pride, and creativity.

With the launch of the Dickies Fall/Winter collection, Dickies Philippines continues to bring exceptional and culturally relevant workwear into the local market by making the brand’s five most iconic styles—the 874 Work Pant, Eisenhower Jacket, Work Shirt, Coverall and Bib Overall—now made available in the country. 

Starting last November, the Bib Overall and the 874 WorkPant have been exclusively available on the Dickies Philippines website and in its Robinsons Manila Flagship Store.

Oxford Coach Jacket, Poplin Short-Sleeve Shirt, Twill Open-Hem 5-Pockets Pants. Images courtesy of Dickies Philippines.

Poplin Short-Sleeve Shirt, Jersey-Logo Long-Sleeve Tee, Twill Open-Hem US874 Pants. Images courtesy of Dickies Philippines.

The Bib Overall is a timeless staple that dates back as the first product ever sold by the brand nearly 100 years ago in indigo and hickory stripe denim. The Bib Overall is functional, comfortable and authentically Dickies workwear.

The 874 Work Pant also serves as a universal essential, evolving from the original Dickies 100 percent cotton work pant. Redeveloped in the 1960s to be practically indestructible with a perfect mix of 65/35 poly cotton blend, the 874’s durability has been tried and tested by workers and skaters alike for over 50 years.

Jersey Fake Layer Pocket-Tee, Hickory-Bib. Images courtesy of Dickies Philippines.

Poplin Long-Sleeve Shirt, Canvas Bib. Images courtesy of Dickies Philippines.

Since the brand’s inception in 1922, Dickies’ iconic silhouettes have been deeply woven into our world’s cultural heritage. From factory workers to fashion and pop-culture icons, ranchers to rappers, skaters to streetwear, the cultural significance of “Dickies Icons” has long been defined by the people who wear them.

Filipinos can now join the iconic community of hardworking and impactful makers and carry the same Independent Makers spirit that has brought Dickies to life since establishment by joining the Dickies Mailing List for the latest updates and product drops.