This Graduation Showcase Focuses on Creative and Entrepreneurial Mastery in the Fashion Industry

Since its inception, the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Arts, Design has always centered on innovating not just technical and creative mastery but also on harnessing entrepreneurial skills key in thriving in an industry as competitive as fashion and the arts.

ICEFAD continues its pursuit in providing graduates adequate skills that can lead and equip them to put up their own fashion business or service the needs of other companies in the industry–with a culture that pays tremendous respect to diversity and individualism.

In its first graduation show, CREATE – Redefining the Business of Fashion, ICEFAD champions the institution’s values of integrating entrepreneurial business courses with technical “concept-to-production” programs. With this Grand Launch, eleven (11) up and coming fashion design students and their brands Clarice Melagrito, Alexandre Franco, Lare Dane, Maison Soriano, Leilani Kate Yalung, Saint Marionne, Isabel Laohoo, Camilla Damo, Joe Figueroa, Blessed Almario, Diane Salamanque.

The graduation show will banner five-piece collections in different segments: Sustainable-Retail, Menswear, Textile Design & Manipulation, Sculptural Art, and Red Carpet, which will all be getting an award, including “Best Collection”.