DLSU Goes 4000-Strong in Anticipated ‘Frosh Welcoming 2023’ Celebration

MANILA, Philippines—It’s that time of the year again! De La Salle University has set up the welcoming party its students deserve and longed-for with its most anticipated annual celebration.

The Frosh Welcoming 2023, a weeklong celebration hosted by the university’s Council of Student Organizations (CSO) comes with a rush of vivid enthusiasm and excitement with a promise to bring enthralling introduction to Lasallian fellowship and student engagement. But the Frosh Welcoming 2023 promises to be more than an event but a path of integration and discovery to connect freshmen with the numerous organizations that make up the vibrant fabric of campus life. 

The Frosh Welcoming 2023 takes place in the middle of De La Salle University’s Manila campus from August 22–25, 2023 to mark its presence on the academic calendar and welcome around 4,000 excited ID 123 students. The four days are arranged to highlight several colleges, representing the diversity and solidarity that characterize the Lasallian community. 

The DLSU Frosh Welcoming 2023 Central Committee. Image courtesy of DLSU.

The festivities kicked off on Day 1 with a warm welcome for the Ramon Del Rosario College of Business freshmen, setting the tone for the academic experience. On Day 2, the College of Liberal Arts took center stage, paving the way for creative minds and insightful thinkers of the future.

Day 3 has brought forth a whirlwind of activity as the College of Computer Studies, College of Science, and School of Economics froshies immerse themselves in the dynamic energy of the campus. Finally, Day 4 is set to bring together students from the Gokongwei College of Engineering and Brother Andrew Gonzales College of Education, encapsulating the technical prowess and educational fervor that epitomize DLSU. 

The Saint Joseph Walk is now filled with members of different DLSU organizations and their own booths. Image courtesy of DLSU.

As set and celebrated by students, and for students for this tradition, the newcomers are greeted by a rainbow of characters, each of whom represents one of the 49 groups covered by the Council of Student groups. These devoted executives will extend their warmest greetings and provide details on the distinctive prospects that every organization provides. These interactions give freshmen more than just an opportunity for introductions but a chance to get a peek at the wide range of interests and activities that lie in store for them, going beyond academic goals, to spark all-around development. 

The CSO’s overarching goal of fostering a feeling of community and instilling each student with the unbreakable Lasallian Spirit resonates strongly as it plans this spectacular event. With an extensive assortment of groups under its wing, including academic clubs, sports teams, artistic ensembles, and humanitarian efforts, the CSO is dedicated to establishing an atmosphere in which every student can find their space, thrive, and prosper. 

But Frosh Welcoming 2023 isn’t just about introductions. It’s about crafting memories that will linger throughout their academic journey, forging bonds that extend beyond graduation. The event isn’t a mere precursor; it’s an initiation into a lifelong community that echoes shared experiences, aspirations, and achievements. 

Frosh Welcoming 2023 promises gifts and mementos from many organizations—tokens that signify the beginning of something transformative. They represent the route that these kids have taken, a path that will be enriched by friendships, educational opportunities, and possibilities for personal development. 

With the festivities now in full throttle, De La Salle University stands poised to usher in Frosh Welcoming 2023, ready to kindle the flames of unity, inspiration, and the unwavering Lasallian Spirit, each step inching closer to officially becoming a part of the vibrant mosaic that is the Lasallian Student Body—a community driven by passion, curiosity, and the shared commitment to shaping a better future. 

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