Deliver Ads to Your Ideal Audience with Facial Detection Technology

AdMovPh Technologies Inc., a Philippine-based tech startup, connects businesses directly to their ideal target market by using facial detection technology to deliver more meaningful ads and content to consumers.

Consumers are regularly bombarded with billboards and advertisements that aren’t always relevant to their interests. As a result, advertisements are typically regarded as a nuisance, nearly drowning in a sea of irrelevant content where standing out becomes increasingly difficult. The first of its kind in the country, AdMov wants its advertisements to stand out by creating a more personalized experience for consumers.

Using tablets installed inside Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) vehicles, AdMov uses facial detection technology to determine a rider’s age and gender, then uses this information to show them ads they would most likely be interested in. Ads from beauty and makeup brands may only be shown to women, for example. It also uses proximity marketing, showing certain ads and promotions (sales, recommended restaurants, etc.) based on a rider’s location or nearness to prominent establishments

Instead of wasting money on advertising to people who won’t be interested in the product, businesses can now focus their marketing efforts on a more precise target audience. AdMov’s ad platform gives business the untapped opportunity to target a more affluent segment of the market, namely Filipinos who regularly use ride-hailing services such as Grab, OWTO, and Hype.

Businesses catch people at the perfect moment: stuck in traffic, most likely bored idle, and more likely to engage with your content if you manage to hook their interest. Brands can generate new leads, find new customers, and make sales with the use of coupons, promo or QR codes, and email leads.

AdMov’s technology can also judge if a rider is still engaged with its content based on eye contact with the screen, and can even guess a rider’s emotional state based on their facial expressions. The system then revises and presents the appropriate kind of content to recapture the rider’s attention, further tailoring their experience.

Businesses can use this technology to amass a wealth of valuable insights into their consumers’ behaviors. By gathering real-time analytics and data based on riders’ engagement with their ads and location using AdMov’s platform, businesses can target their ads more effectively, understand the markets they cater to, and create better and even more meaningful ads in the long-run.

Launched just one year ago, AdMov has continuously been working with big brands like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and FWD, and prominent advertising companies like Mindshare, Posterscope, and McCann, to develop its MarTech platform to give consumers more meaningful advertising. Alongside the growing demand to improve Metro Manila’s transportation systems, AdMov intends to expand the applications of its services, possibly to buses and regular taxi services.