Daniel Padilla and James Reid Join Forces for this Historic First

Daniel Padilla and James Reid have undeniably become two of today’s biggest show biz juggernauts. They have successfully conquered the entertainment industry since 2010–from top-rated television dramas, box office-smashing films, and jam-packed concerts.

While the two have always worked on separate projects, in a historic first, the two are finally launching their first-ever collaboration, combining their star powers and strong following in one momentous and exciting project made possible only by Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

Padilla and Reid in their first collaboration.

The two actors recently shot their latest commercial for Pepsi and Mountain Dew to announce their latest project, Doble Hataw. The commercial shows an action-packed setting with Daniel in a sports car racing with James driving a pick-up truck.

When asked about memorable moments on set, Daniel shared, “Sobrang favorite ko dito yung sports car. At saka, syempre, first time ko ring makasama si James kaya sobrang chill lang,” James also added, “[Favorite ko] dito siguro yung drifting and driving. The cars are definitely the coolest part of the shoot.”

With Pepsi and Mountain Dew’s Doble Hataw promo, you get a chance to win a brand new car weekly!  3 sports car and 3 pick-up trucks to be given away, plus millions worth of prizes including smartphones, free mobile data from all networks and drink vouchers.

Make sure to quench your thirst with any of the participating Pepsi or Mountain Dew products.  Check under the cap, crown or label of those specially-marked products, and send them in via text or Facebook Messenger to qualify. With double the brands, double the stars, and double the prizes to give away, everyone has a chance to win big with Doble Hataw!

Doble Hataw is a nationwide promo that runs until July 24, 2019. Check out Pepsi and Mountain Dew’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PepsiPhilippines/ and https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewPH/ for the complete rundown of promo mechanics.