Creatives with Leni Brings Artful Journey in 2024 a Head Start with Pinoy Art Calendar

MANILA, Philippines—Indulge in a remedy for corporate burnout with the release of Creatives with Leni’s (CWL) 2024 Desk Calendar, featuring 12 exquisite artworks from the esteemed Para Sa Bukas Na Kulay Rosas and Panahon ng Paruparo art books of 2022.

The 2024 CWL Calendar offers perforated calendar leaves, which double as exquisite postcards for loved ones or bookmarks for your favorite novels, complemented by a sturdy hard board standee enveloped in a premium book cover—transforming your workspace into an art gallery.

Featuring works by renowned creatives such as Jap Mikel, 4seasonsART, Biyahe ni Raya, WDYS?, Sampay, Jester Sato Nemeño, Denver Balbaboco, Juno Abreu, Julius Legaspi, Kim Santiago, Sam Sumulong, and Laom, this calendar isn’t just a timekeeping tool—it’s a celebration of Pinoy talent.

Image Courtesy of Creatives with Leni (CWL).

Secure your piece of artistic brilliance at an exclusive early bird price of Php 399.00 by pre-ordering until November 24, 2023. This calendar is not merely a timekeeper; it’s a journey through the twelve months, with each spread adorned by the creativity of Filipino artists.

Images Courtesy of Creatives with Leni (CWL).

Proceeds from sales will support Angat Buhay’s Angat Sining Program and Novice’s The Volume Project, adding a noble touch to your artistic investment. The calendar is scheduled for release in the last week of November 2023, ensuring a creative start to your new year. Elevate your 2024 with this desk calendar—a timeless journey through the realms of Filipino artistry.

To pre-order your 2024 calendar and infuse your upcoming year with 12 months of Pinoy creativity, click here: