These TikTok Creators are Reclaiming the Platform from Disinformation and Fake News this National Elections

MANILA, Philippines—With the meteoric rise of vertical video-sharing app, TikTok and its unrelenting appeal of the younger generation, it has been seen both as a boon and a bane for many, especially in the age of rampant blurring of the lines of truth and deceit, fake news and disinformation.

With the reality of the wrongful use of the platform, some of the app’s top content creators, along with several known personalities joined together to take a stand, in fighting for truth and in support of Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s presidency & vice presidency with the belief and conviction that the two candidates best champion good governance.

In a special initiative, 54 content creators participated in a video that talks about the proper use of TikTok as a platform and a tool in battling the spread of dangerous bending of the truth and the many false information specifically crafted to deceive the public.

Here are the participating Content Creators, in no particular order: 

1. Gelo Guison – kusinero

2. Doc RA- Dentista/Simp para kay Doc Tricia

3. Doc Mcoi- doktor

4. Dok Ome – doktor

5. Ivan de Guzman – Student-Leader & Tech Content Creator

6. John Yanga- Student\Campus Journalist

7. Riyan Portuguez- Psychologist

8. Anthony Trovela – Med Student/ Psychometrician

9. John Paul Ebuen – Industrial Engineer / Content Creator

10.Gian Borlongan-Architect

11. Papa Racs – Graphic Designer

12. Katreen Eslava – Nurse/Model/Musician/Entrepreneur

13. Mariane Detera – Arts & Lifestyle

14. Alley – MedTech

15. Mao Gravidez – Teacher

16. Jam Blauta – Social Media Manager / Content Creator / Restaurant Trainer

17. Shann Catipay – Nurse/Content Creator

18. Mark Tinao – Biologist/Certified Pollution Control Officer

19. Nina Cabrera – Entrepreneur

20. Liz Ludan – Law Student/Law & Political Science content

21. Gabby Suzara – Marketer/Streamer/Content Creator/Music Artist

22. Kikay Booba (Cheska) – EVP for Strategic Marketing/Entrepreneur 

23. Wenca Louise- Dentist

24. Jose- Dentist 

25. Ezra – Content Creator

26. Michael- Doctor

28. Nino Ventura – Basketball player/coach/vlogger/videographer

29. Keij Ejercito – Lawyer

30. Kuys Ariston – BPO Account Supervisor/Entrepreneur 🥰

31. Kia Abrera – Creative Entrepreneur

32. John Cornwill – Young Entrepreneur / Ads Strategist

33. Chuck and Joe – Engineer / IT Professional | Gay couple

34 Mona Magno-Veluz – Ninuno Hunter

35. Vince Tañada – Artist & Lawyer 

36. Jefrey Robles- HR

37. Zion Aguirre – Singer/Songwriter/ Content Creator

38. Ella Roxas- Dentist, denteetha, ceo of hello po 🤣

39. Nate Javier- Beauty Content Creator

40. Renz Saavedra- Content Creator, Cheerleader, Rapper

41. Dan Yotoko – Host/content creator/streamer/marketer

42. Arah Virtucio – Veterinarian, Content Creator

43. Doc Dex- Doctor, OBGyn

44. Adycots – Entrepreneur/Social Media Content Creator/Host

45. Ianmau- Flight Attendant / Content Creator

46. Justin Sales – Flight Attendant / Content Creator

47. Christian Tiu – Social Media Content Creator/Graphic Artist/Host

48. Quito Treñas- Model/ Content Creator/ Entrepreneur

49. Johnrey Rivas – Actor / Director

50. Lyqa Maravilla – EduCreator

51. Doc Kili – Doctor/ Health Content Creator

52. Skye Zhia – LIfestyle Content Creator

53. Gianna Abao – Entrepreneur and Content Creator

54. Pio Silva – Educator, Content Creator

Due to time & coordination constraint and limitations, the organizers were unable to extend invite to all TikTok Creators but if you want to be part of this you may download the video and logo through this link.

With text by Leo Balante


All opinions expressed by the Participating TikTok Creators are solely their opinions and do not reflect the opinions of TikTok Philippines, their respective parent companies or affiliates or the companies with which the participating creators are affiliated, and may have been previously disseminated by them. The opinions and stand are based upon information they consider reliable and as a way of expressing their freedom of suffrage & expression.